Fourth Annual Scream Fortress: Left Fort Dead!

Subject: General Tech | October 28, 2012 - 10:16 PM |

Each year, for the last four, Valve updates Team Fortress 2 with the Halloween festive spirit.

It has just been just a couple of months since the introduction of the player-vs-AI game mode, Mann vs Machine. MvM allows teams of our favorite half-wit mercenaries to take on waves upon waves of their mechanical counterparts.

Naturally that could form the basis for a zombie-survival map, right?

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The Fourth Annual Scream Fortress update introduces Merasmus, a ghastly magician. As is frequently the case, Valve could not resist the urge to put up a comic to flesh out this character we likely will never see again. It turns out this caster has a particular hatred for his old roommate, the Red Soldier, for being a terrible roommate.

Several gifts will be available including magic spells. These spells apparently act upon items in your backpack to enhance them in some way. I am not entirely sure what they mean when they say “ghost summoning”, but I am intrigued to say the least.

I got time to try. The bonus content will be available for free until November 8th.

Now you see it, then you won’t.

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