Everyone loves Coffee on the Lake; with a little tweaking

Subject: General Tech | March 7, 2018 - 01:01 PM |
Tagged: Intel, coffee lake, Z370, z270. z170

Some enterprising hardware enthusiasts have proven Intel's claim that Coffee Lake can only run on the Z370 chipset, even thought the pins physically match, to be somewhat less than accurate.  There are some limitations which stem from the difference in power draw, the basis of Intel's reasoning for the incompatibility.  The modders who made this work would not suggest trying to use an i5 or i7 chip, only an i3 as the power draw is not so far out of spec.  This is more of a proof of concept mod, it is not recommended you pick up a Coffee Lake CPU to slap into an older board as your main machine.  If you are curious how this was achieved you can drop by The Inquirer for more details.

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"Through considerable tweaking and time, some modders posted on the Overclock forum that they'd managed to coax a Coffee Lake CPU to run on Z270 and Z170 socket-based motherboards, when its only supposed to work on Intel's Z370 chipset."

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March 7, 2018 | 02:46 PM - Posted by FatOldChipzillasCoronaryThrombosis (not verified)

"The modders who made this work would not suggest trying to use an i5 or i7 chip, only an i3 as the power draw is not so far out of spec"

Good job anyways showing up Intel's monopoly market holder influnced business model of planned Motherboard obsolescence for more profit milking. Ryzen/Threadripper and AM4 are looking good in relation to Intel's market segmentation schemes. This is just Intel realizing that their x86 performance improvement options via process node advantages are running out and Intel's bean counters are doubling down on MBs/Other ways of clawing back those margins lost as the result of serious competition. And Intel had to give up loads of margins on its consumer mainstream and HTPC SKUs to compete with AMD's Zen/Zeppelin and now Raven Ridge APUs that cost much less and that come with MB's that will be around for more than one change of season.

AMD really hit Intel in their High Margin markup consumer x86 revenue streams and Intel is so very desperate to maintain those juicy margins in its consumer lineup. So cue up that Linus video where Linus sits on that curb fasepalming in the Asian drizzle pondering Intel's Motherbaord antics with things like Limited RAID(Need to purchase costly RAID Key), Limited PCIe lanes on the more affordable Intel MB variants, and other such things that those Intel Bean Counters can think up to squeeze out every last bit of cash from Intel's customers(Suckaz).

Just look at all that Fat in the form of Intel Middle Management trying to get that blood from those turnips, enough to justify that Fat Middle Management bonus sturcture and Fat perks for those rotund jerks.

March 8, 2018 | 11:37 AM - Posted by CookoutAtTheClosedOSandEcosystemRanch (not verified)

This is verry worrysome with Windows 10S becoming a mode of all Windows versions. So Windows 10S is now becoming a mode wherein, if the bean counters in Redmond have their way, Windows 10S is what your Windows OS As A Service will revert to if your monthly payment is not recieved. The Folks in Redmond are plotting to bring out that OSAAS business model while still having the plausible deniability of claiming that windows 10 users can sill have windows without any OSAAS reguirement but Windows 10S will have so little functionality that it will be in fact not really an OS in the full OS sense of the word.

Your hardware with windows 10 will become a cable box wired via the internet to the windows store.

Redmond: How that pot Mr Frog?
Froggy: It's heated just nicely thank you.
Froggy: Falls asleep and dreams of OS paradise.
Redmond: Gradually, and Nefariously, turns up the heat while froggy dreams of OS paradise.
Redmond: Your Frog Soup's up Mr Nadella!

Froggy installed 10 and he got cooked M-hm, M-hm.
Froggy installed 10 and out came the hooks M-hm, M-hm.
Now froggy's got recurring bills on the books.
Stright from the Redmond OS Service Crooks.
Froggy installed 10 and he got cooked M-hm, M-hm


"Windows 10 S to become a 'mode', not a discrete product"


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