Erosion is inevitable, even in Redmond

Subject: General Tech | April 2, 2014 - 06:11 PM |
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What was once called a Service Pack and is now referred to as 'Update 1' will be arriving soon for those few who currently run Windows 8.1.  The feature with the biggest potential to gain this OS market share is Enterprise mode with legacy support for IE11; allowing large corporations to chose Win 8.1 without having to redesign legacy applications and global intranets from scratch.  It's ability to run on 1GB of memory is also attractive to large industries who have no desire to upgrade the hardware on custom DOM machines nor legacy task specific servers.  The Inquirer also mentioned an intriguing feature referred to as a Start Menu and enhanced support for arcane peripherals such the keyboard and mouse.

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"MICROSOFT PREVIEWED the long awaited return of the Start Menu in Windows 8.1 during a surprise announcement on Wednesday, alongside a major update for the software."

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Source: The Inquirer

April 2, 2014 | 08:29 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

For sure all those win 8.* computers should not tax M$'s server bandwidth, for updating, as most PCs have been downupgraded to windows 7, or have 7 with users having no intent to update until 7's EOL. XP's final update(for Free) will probably use more bandwidth, owing to W8.* stellar numbers(cough). Having paied extra on some of my computers for win 7 pro upgrades, just to get the ability to system image backup over the network, I'll be using windows 7 for a while. I'll wait and see if windows 9 can wash the 8 metro stench fully away, for any new purchases that can not be made to come with 7. Yes 7 and not any breaking of that which never needed fixing in the first place will do just fine.

April 2, 2014 | 11:36 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Is that you typing again, Tim Cook?

April 3, 2014 | 12:06 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

No It's just an owner of 5, windows 7 and XP laptops various windows PCs, but none of them will ever have 8, or anything after 8 that has any of the TIFKAM or its DLLs/assemblys/frameworks or APIs! No fan of Apple here, though I very much respect what the P.A. Simiconductor(Aquired by Apple) folks did with the A7, and previous ARM ISA based CPUs. The A7 (see latest article on Anandtech) Appears to be more like a desktop CPU, that can execute the ARMv8 ISA, and is a completely Wide Order superscalar design and beat even the Arm Holdings' Refrence ARMv8 designs to market, I sure hope Apple comes out with a A8 based tablet that can run OSX and the full desktop/laptop graphics applications! That new PowerVR Wizard GPU with the hardware Ray tracing, would go great in a graphics tablet. The M$ trust has had its day, and at least Apple does not try and force its closed ecosystem on any third party hardware like M$ has tried with TIFKAM. Apple does not affect me as long as I do not purchase any of their branded products, but M$ has been allowed to become an unregulated de facto public utility, and force its will on Third Party OEMs for more than a few decades now. The mobile market is fixing that government oversight problem, and competition is a good thing. I use mostly wintel based products, 7 is still somewhat usefull, but Linux and its TuxBird is coming to the XP devices that I own, and living alongside windows 7 quite nicely. I hope that Steam OS can come to tablets, Both AMD and Nvidia K1 based devices be they x86 or ARM ISA based, as long as they come with a full Linux distro such as Steam OS (Debian based), I can apt-get all of the open source Graphics programs that I use. I never Buy an Intel based device that is new to the market, and I'll get last years SKU at a discounted price, i7 laptops(win 7 only) can be had in the $500.00 range and are great bargins, even some with descrete GPUs around the $700.00 range, and I will be looking at AMDs HSA(AMD's version of HSA) based devices for 2014-15. Face it, no one likes monopolies, and people really hate monopolies that they can not avoid. Apple can be avoided, but M$ has been allowed to bully its way with the Third Party OEM's that I purchase My computers from, so yes this is where most folks get their H8 of M$ from. Tim Cook I am not, but you must be a M$ spinion for your attempt at plaving me a favorite with any company that can not give me a product that can run the applications that I need, and do the job that I need them to do, and keep out of my way otherwise. Suppliers of OSs and CPUs/GPUs need to be brought back in line, as suppliers of OSs and CPUs/GPUs, and not Overloards Of the Third Party OEMs.

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