Enhancing video podcasts with WMA

Subject: General Tech | October 25, 2005 - 03:45 PM |

Jealous of the things people can do to videos with their Macs?  Head over to MediaBlab to see just how much you can add to a plain old Windows Media video file.

"Apple's AAC format allows podcasters to create "enhanced podcasts" complete with embedded photos

at publisher defined points throughout the podcast. These files are only compatible with iTunes

and iPods, leaving a large universe of listeners out of the picture. Microsoft's Photo Story could

easily create something similar, with a voice track narrating beneath a series of images, but the

WMV file created in Photo Story isn't compatible with most portable music players. One alternative

that bridges the gap and maximizes compatibility is to create a script enhanced WMA file, These

WMA files with embedded scripts play just like a normal WMA anywhere scripting isn't supported."

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