E3 12: Elder Scrolls Online gets more than a useless teaser.

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Zenimax has launched a new teaser trailer for their upcoming Elder Scrolls Online. You will not see any in-game footage nor will you see any information in the trailer. To learn more about the game, you will need to be satisfied with testimonials -- which thankfully exist, at least.

So the “big MMO” space will likely be a three-way clash between EA, Activision/Blizzard, and now Bethesda.

I would expect that The Elder Scrolls franchise would be one of the strongest contenders against Warcraft and Star Wars. According to PC Gamer, The MMO will span the whole of Tamriel which is a departure from earlier installments which mostly flesh out a single area. The world will graphically not keep up with Skyrim yet will keep up with modern MMOs.

And EVE Online for the rest…

Three factions will be available for the player to choose from: The Aldmeri Dominion, the Daggerfall Covenant, and the Ebonheart Pact with the Bird, Lion, and Dragon emblems respectively. PVP between these three factions will be constrained to Cyrodiil which you may remember from Oblivion. Imagine catapults versus a castle sieging into the fortress and you would be imagining what some witnesses have described.

G4 has their hands on a few (older) screenshots which show the -- yes, third person -- gameplay of the MMO.

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Oh look, a Venus fly trap.

Game Informer has quite a wealth of information about the two provinces controlled by the Daggerfall Covenant: High Rock and Hammerfell. Maps of both are present and dotted with allegedly present cities full of quests and attractions. This will be your home if you choose either Breton, Orc, or Redguard as your player race.

Game Informer also promises a feature on the Aldmeri Dominion tomorrow.

June 29, 2012 | 12:40 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

The Elder Scrolls Online looks great! There is becoming some hype around it PvP system especially have designer Matt Firor who worked on DAoC and developing its popular PvP. The game has to live up to the series name and I think without a doubt it will. All the information I am reading at http://tesozone.com makes that game look promising!

November 19, 2012 | 08:35 PM - Posted by Bob Long (not verified)

If you guys are interested in checking out more information on The Elder Scrolls Online you should check out http://tesozone.com

August 1, 2013 | 09:02 AM - Posted by Ambuaz

I think Elder Scrolls Online will be the best MMO of 2014. The reason I think so is that developers are going to implement several interesting features in the game, for example megaserver. There will also be a lot of familiar places for those who played previous TES games. We will visit Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim. Isn’t it great? The community of players is also great. There are a lot of fansites and databases. http://elderscrollsonline.info/ is my favorite ESO related website.

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