Dual and quad socket goodness from Tyan for 16 core Bulldozers

Subject: General Tech | November 14, 2011 - 12:50 PM |
Tagged: tyan, opteron 6200, bulldozer

SemiAccurate has a picture of a nice looking serverboard for the new Opteron 4200 series of processors from AMD.  The new server chips are designed for use in multiples of either two or four and as they have up to 16 cores each that gives you a very respectable amount of processing power for your server, which could be the only home for the Bulldozer.  Plenty of new power saving options are available, from two different ways of implementing Turbo Core to a BIOS setting which allows you to set the maximum power draw from the server, which it will stick to by downclocking or turning off unused cores.

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"AMD (NYSE:AMD) has again leapfrogged Intel when it comes to the number of cores in a single server processor. The latest Opteron 6200 series has versions available with up to 16 cores and supports 4 sockets per board, whereas the 4200 series supports a maximum of two sockets with 8 cores each."

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Source: SemiAccurate

November 14, 2011 | 01:46 PM - Posted by drbaltazar (not verified)

quad channel memory on a buldozer architecture ?wtf where is a benchmark when you need one.seriously!this might be just the ticket gamer have been searching for?also what is their price?this cpu would put the 6200 opteron on par with the latest e serie cpu.now these woul be nice to see benchmarked against one another,no gpu in the way (a la 2500)ryan please if your connection allow it,supply us later with an indept review or a site that bothered doing it,but not at all cost ,some site are way to biased to bother with them.you been in the industry long enough or the black haired guy that seem to know pretty much everything tech related.(ya i wish he would do this benchmark but he probably is too busy to do it sadly).lastly make sure to put a warning saying this and that hasnt been optimised by x y z etc.it sound silly but it is very important to know these thing.ty keep up the good work pcper technogeek

November 14, 2011 | 04:02 PM - Posted by Oskars (not verified)

I would like to see some media and rendering benchmarks too.
The only reason i did't go with G34 Amd Magny-cours is that no one reviewed them.

November 14, 2011 | 02:11 PM - Posted by drbaltazar (not verified)

opteron 6282se was the highest i found but i suspect they have a higher version but i havent found it yet!

November 16, 2011 | 12:40 AM - Posted by Oskars (not verified)

Anandtech made a little review on Opteron 16-cores yesterday.

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