Dual-Link DVI KVM switch

Subject: General Tech | July 13, 2007 - 02:31 PM |

The Tech Report has been searching for a KVM switch that supports Dual-link DVI, and they have found one.  The USB controlled Belkin Flip DVI-D offers just that.  You had better read the full review though, many USB KVMs have issues, and adding Dula-link DVI creates more opportunities for issues.

"I was excited to learn recently about a new product from Belkin, the Flip-DVI-D. This little device allows a user to

control two computers via a single mouse, keyboard, and monitor--even a monitor with a dual-link DVI connection,

which makes the Flip DVI-D a rare commodity indeed. The Flip-DVI-D is inexpensive and has a slick design, too. But

is it too good to be true?"

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