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Subject: General Tech | October 24, 2005 - 11:54 AM |

You bought F.E.A.R. as soon as it came out, but now comes the frustration of getting the game to run perfectly on your system.  Instead of starting out by trying the first level 42 times, with different resolutions and detail levels, let the folks at Tweakguides give you a head start!

"Before getting into any game-specific settings and tweaks, this section covers the obligatory system optimization information I include in all my guides. If you've followed this advice recently, you can skip this section.

Many people report problems with this game and in almost all cases these are due to general system issues and not the game itself. With that in mind I strongly urge you to take some time and follow the advice below if you truly want this game, and indeed every other game you own, to run at its fastest and most trouble-free."

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