Does it come in a Fatal1ty model yet?

Subject: General Tech | October 30, 2007 - 11:42 AM |

The newest online gamer target product will be arriving thanks to D-Link, their Draft 802.11n Xtreme N Gaming Router.  With an onboard packet processing unit, and full compatibility with X-box and Playstation, it is designed to make the most of your internet connection, presumably with the help of a Killer NIC.  Drop by The Inquirer to get a look at this new router and it's MSRP.

"It has a game-centric user interface for the configuration of multiple ports or port ranges in the firewall by

selecting the game title from a menu. The Gaming Router can be accessed quickly to change settings and adjust

performance for individual applications, the firm says.

A packet processing engine is integrated directly in the router, giving online games priority for bandwidth over

all other Internet applications, e-mail and FTP transfers. These aim to boost gaming to maximum speeds to provide

the ultimate "no lag" gaming experience"

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Source: The Inquirer