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Dell has released three new PowerEdge server models, all powered by one or two of AMD's new EPYC chips.  The R6415 is a single socket, 1U server which supports 1TB of RAM, though The Register does point to a PR slide that implies 2TB might be achievable.  The R7415 is larger at 2U because it can hold up to 12 SAS/SATA/NVMe + 12 NVMe drives or up to 14 3.5" drives.  Last up is the dual socket R7425 with either 32 SATA/SAS drives or 24 NVMe flash drives and up to 4TB of RAM.  Check out more specs at The Register.

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"There are three PowerEdge AMD-powered servers: the R6415, R7415, and R7425. These accompany the PowerEdge 14G R640 and R740 Xeon SP servers in the Round Rock company's server portfolio, and they inherit general PowerEdge management and feature goodness."

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February 7, 2018 | 06:22 PM - Posted by MarketCapSharePriceBonanza (not verified)

Epyc and its revenue stream, with the Radeon Pro WX/Radeon Instinct GPUs along for the ride, is what's going to get AMD back to that high share price value and high markup high revenue stable market that AMD had over a decade ago when AMD was a CPU only company. AMD's share price and overall market cap will go up with each extra percentage point of server/workstation/HPC/AI market share gained.

So from June 2004 through Dec 2006 AMD's stock rose from around the $12-$15 to the $42 range and that was before GPUs were wanted more for compute than for gaming and AMD has only just completed its acquisition of ATI in 2006(closed on October 25, 2006). So AMD's Sales where all CPUs at that time and mostly on AMD's Opteron server sales did AMD's share prices rise to that level.

So Now with the Server/HPC/Workstation markets wanting AMD's Epyc CPUs also along with the HPC and new AI markets that can not do with just CPUs alone! The new GPU AI/Compute markets, as that AI maket has just started up, also needs GPUs and TPUs for compute and AI/Infrencing workloads. So AMD has both to Epyc CPUs and Radeon GPUs under the same roof to offer up for those Professional market needs. The Markup and Revenues that come from the professiobal markets is what's going to allow AMD to really prosper going froward.

February 7, 2018 | 08:14 PM - Posted by PixyMisa

Good to see these finally showing up. I hope to replace my multiple small E3 Xeon servers with a couple of 1P Epycs at some point.

February 7, 2018 | 10:01 PM - Posted by NowTheDealsCanBeHad (not verified)

If you are looking to build you own and are looking for a workststion 1P Epyc/SP3 MB the Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 (rev. 1.0) is nice if you want loads of x16 PCIe slots(1). But if you are just doing Server workloads then the 2P Epyc MBs cost arount the same or even less than the Gigabyte 1P motherboard and the Epyc 2P 8/16 core SKUs are very affordable if you want the total memory bandwidth that comes from 16 memory channels across 2 sockets.

The selection of SP3 motherbords is not so broad currently There are some Tyan MBs and I'd expect that there will be more options coming for those that want to build their own and save.

But I'm seeing these complete systems also starting to show up and maybe that needs a closer look also. Maybe AMD can get some Epyc/Radeon offerings set up for it's partners to put out complete workstation systems where the GPUs come in a fair amount below the price would be if the GPU was purchased separately. AMD's ability to put together package pricing deals for Epyc/Radeon workstations with AMD working with its Workstation/Server partners will be nice for any end users that may be looking for a complete system.

The support for a complete OEM system is going to better than for just the parts and currently any folks looking do do Workstation/graphics may end up spending more just because the OEMs get better GPU volume pricing than GPUs purchased from the retail channel where all that demand has driven up the spot pricing on GPUs. I have even seen reddit posts where some folks purchased an Alienware gaming PC just to get the GPU and save money that way because the OEM had that purchase contract with AMD for the GPU parts that where offered inside the OEM gaming PC.

The Nice thing about Epyc is that on a feature for feature basis the MB's-Cost/PCIe lane and MB's-Cost/Memory channel metrics are better on the Epyc/SP3 motherboards with their 8 memory channels per socket and 128 PCIe lanes even compared to the same calculations done on most TR/X399 motherboards where there is only 4 memory channels/64 PCIe lanes offered. So the Epyc motherboards usually have a lower per PCIe lane and per memory channel cost even though the Epyc/SP3 motherboards cost in the $550-$660 dollar range. That Gigabyte 1P motherboard has dual 10Gb ethernet, in addition to the 1Gb ethernet and other features specifically for Radeon Instinct GPUs and CPU peer to peer communication.

I do not understand why there are not more Epyc/SP3 motherboards offered from other MB makers that compare to that Gigabyte Epyc/SP3 1P offering currently but maybe that will change.


"MZ31-AR0 (rev. 1.0)"

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