DOOM Eternal Gameplay at QuakeCon 2018

Subject: General Tech | August 10, 2018 - 10:16 PM |
Tagged: pc gaming, doom, bethesda

Bethesda, as usual, held a keynote at their QuakeCon event in the Dallas / Fort Worth region of Texas. So far so good. They then revealed DOOM Eternal with over 15 minutes of gameplay spread across three brutal segments.

Even though the reboot had a lot more… airborne activity… than the original, the new “meat hook” ability allows the player to grapple toward enemies. (At least, I only saw them grapple enemies. Maybe other things too? Probably not, though.) While not exactly a new mechanic, it looks like it flows well with DOOM’s faster-paced gameplay.

DOOM Eternal is coming to the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and even the Nintendo Switch. No release date has been announced.

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August 11, 2018 | 11:41 PM - Posted by Quakecon (not verified)

and it'll likely won't launch on Steam because Bethesda are greedy aholes.

August 12, 2018 | 03:11 PM - Posted by Scott Michaud

The funny thing is that Bethesda games often go on sale for 50%-off on the first or second major Steam sale after launch.

DOOM launched in mid-May 2016, and was 40%-off by mid-June 2016 (Summer Sale 2016), and 50%-off in August (Steam's QuakeCon sale).

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