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If there is one saving grace for The Crew 2's 60fps limit, it is that even the mighty GTX 1080 Ti cannot maintain 60fps at 4k with all the bells and whistles turned on.  When [H]ard|OCP disabled the custom Contact Hardening Soft Shadows and dropped from SSAO+ to SSAO the Ti could provide good performance but the plain GTX 1080 and Vega 64 required the settings be dropped to medium.  At 1440p and below even the GTX 1070 and Vega 56 could handle Ultra settings.

That said, the word from [H] is that this game doesn't look as good as the original, even at 4k, as they expand on in their full review.

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"We take The Crew 2 and evaluate ten of today’s latest GPUs in the game. We will find what the highest playable settings are, how video cards compare, and how specific graphics features compare in performance. We will find the best value for gaming, and what graphics settings work best. Is this game worth it, or a graphical flop?"

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Source: [H]ard|OCP

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July 12, 2018 | 01:39 PM - Posted by Photonboy

I tried to play "The Crew" several times but it always had STUTTER on my system that seemed to never get fixed according to others. Even just last year it still had this stutter on a good system capable of over 60FPS with VSYNC OFF (so should have been good at 60FPS VSYNC ON 60Hz monitor).

NOW I found out The Crew 2 is a visual downgrade and worse has DOF and pop-in issues?

Such as:
"The level of detail distance in this game is disgusting. Trees, foliage, objects all pop-in way too close. It is the worse we’ve ever seen, even much worse than Far Cry 5. It’s so bad that it is distracting."

*How are these still issues considering the amount of man-hours spent on this game?

I was looking forward to The Crew 2 and frankly had it just fixed the stuttering I'd have played it but it sounds like one step forward and three steps backwards. Aaargh.

July 12, 2018 | 08:18 PM - Posted by quest4glory

I received this game for free via game code following a purchase. I wish I could get a different game. I played The Crew 2 for about 30 minutes and asked myself "Why am I playing this instead of Forza Horizon 3?"

Seriously, absent boats and planes, FH3 is superior to The Crew 2 in every single way.

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