Corsair Announces Vengeance K70 Fully Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Key-by-Key Backlighting

Subject: General Tech | March 21, 2013 - 12:49 PM |
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FREMONT, California — March 21, 2013 — Corsair, a worldwide designer of high-performance PC gaming peripherals, today announced the Vengeance K70 fully mechanical gaming keyboard.

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The new Vengeance K70 gaming keyboard is built on a rugged, brushed, aluminum chassis and features highly responsive Cherry MX Red mechanical switches under every key. The high performance switches combined with the keyboard's 100% anti-ghosted matrix, 20-key rollover and 1000Hz reporting rate provide fast, accurate input for gaming.

The Vengeance K70 gaming keyboards are available in two color schemes: silver aluminum with blue backlighting, and anodized black with deep red backlighting. Overall backlighting can be adjusted to four levels of intensity and each key is individually backlit, enabling the lighting for each key to be independently enabled or disabled. The key-by-key lighting customization allows users to highlight just the keys they need to emphasize and then save the setting directly to the K70's onboard memory. In addition, the Vengeance K70 comes with alternate colored, contoured keycaps for the WASD and 1-6 keycaps to allow additional customization.

"When we launched the Vengeance K60, customers loved the look and quality, but some wanted a backlit version," said Ruben Mookerjee, VP and General Manager of the Peripherals Business Unit at Corsair. "In typical Corsair fashion, we over-delivered and created Vengeance K70 with key-by-key backlighting, mechanical switches on every key, and two color schemes."

The Vengeance K70 also features dedicated multimedia controls to allow users to play, stop, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume. An extra USB connector is provided for attaching to USB devices such as a Vengeance gaming mouse or headset. A removeable soft-touch wrist rest provides comfort for long gaming or typing sessions.

See Vengeance K70 at PAX East from March 22-24

The Vengeance K70 keyboard will make its public debut at Corsair's booth at PAX East in Boston from March 22-24. Corsair is located in booth 1062.

Pricing and Availability
The Corsair Vengeance K70 will be available in April at suggested price of $129.99.

Source: Corsair

March 21, 2013 | 01:51 PM - Posted by John Doe (not verified)

This is a great keyboard but it's still Cherry-made, meaning inconsistent quality.

My RealForce 87U tenkeyless variable weight has it's spacebar ABS (Cherry-made) and it really is a rough piece of tough shit.

I wish my spacebar was Topre made as well because Topre's quality is MUCH more consistent than Cherry's. They don't just throw away random keycaps on all keyboards like Cherry does. They care a lot about the quality and the Topre's are completely Japan made and imported, which is part of why they're so good and high quality.

I'd really suggest the RF 87U.

I know it's really hard for most to shell out $235-275 for a keyboard, but writing on Topre is really a joy. The acquisation force is very little required to bottom out, the keycaps are very soft and the keyboard itself is heavy and solid as a big piece of stone.

March 23, 2013 | 04:11 PM - Posted by LegoGuy (not verified)

I recently bought a Logitech G-710+, and I absolutely love it. I bought it on sale for $100; otherwise the price would have been a big deterrent. The build quality is great, and I love the Cherry MX browns, as I use my computer for heavy gaming and for doing schoolwork. The included sound dampening o-rings were a big plus to me as well, since I was most likely just going to get a set anyway.

I do have one other mechanical keyboard however. The first I ever used was a Chicony KB5181 that I literally pulled out of my neighbor's trash as he was moving out. It is an absolute joy to type on with its Monterrey Blue switches, but Is insanely loud. (It's similar to a louder MX Blue with a tad more actuation force. Or at least, from my 5mins of experience with MX Blues.)

March 23, 2013 | 11:04 PM - Posted by John Doe (not verified)

The problem with Cherry is, you have absolutely no guarantee whether you'll get something good or flat out garbage.

The formulas used to make the ABS keycaps and Cherry switches differ VARIOUSLY between each keyboard. Even the same keyboard from the same line can come with both good or garbage quality.

This is why I don't like Cherry.

When you're buying Topre, you're buying a %100 Japan import that's built with unmatched quality. Topre has the highest quality on a keyboard.

It doesn't matter what you get with a Topre (quality wise). You ALWAYS get excellent quality with Topre.

March 24, 2013 | 09:02 AM - Posted by LegoGuy (not verified)

I certainly agree with you. However, in a price/features comparison, cherry KBs tend to win. z
(From what i've seen at least.) And for me, as a high school student, price is a big factor.

March 22, 2013 | 09:06 AM - Posted by CarlosM (not verified)

Gaming on a variable weight topre? >_>

This new keyboard looks very nice.. wish they had more switch options.

March 22, 2013 | 12:23 PM - Posted by John Doe (not verified)

It is amazing for gaming because the keys on it are very light.

It's a joy to CS: GO on this thing.

Hell, I even bought a 108UDK all 30g JUST to swap my 45g keys with... that should tell you how satisfied I am with it, and how good of a keyboard it is.

Though, it really is a loud keyboard if you're a silence freak.

I have a ton of ridiclous and insane 6200 RPM fans so I barely hear this thing over the noise my PFB1212UHE's do...

June 13, 2013 | 12:46 PM - Posted by Mandy (not verified)

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