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Subject: General Tech | October 26, 2007 - 03:08 PM |

Zalman's new product lacks everything you would expect it to have.  No heatpipes, no fans, and certainly no noise reduction.  Zalman's ZM-RS6F USB are a set of studio style headphones with a built in sound card, which Driver Heaven really liked.  They even try to do 5.1 sound, although it lacks quality with some tweaking.

"It seems everyone in the technology industry is branching out into new areas nowadays; in fact it is hard to

think of one major company who specialises in a single product type. Zalman have been known for some time now as

specialists in PC cooling but have more recently been releasing PSUs and cases. Some of you might not know they

also are delving into headsets and today we will be looking at two of these products. The first is a USB 5.1

headset which does not require a 5.1 soundcard in the PC, or a soundcard in the system at all for that matter.

Secondly we have a stereo headset which is aimed at MP3 player owners who need that little extra bit of quality

over the bundled earphones."

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