Computex 2013: Gigabyte Shows Off GA-990FXA-UD7 AM3+ Motherboard That Hints At 5GHz AMD FX Processor

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Gigabyte is showing off quite a few motherboards at Computex 2013. One of the most interesting motherboards on display is the GA-990FX-UD7 for AMD AM3+ desktop processors. This is a high-end motherboard for enthusiasts and is packed with features.

The GA-990FX-UD7 features an 8+2 power phase, AM3+ CPU socket, four DDR3 DIMM slots, six PCI-E 2.0 x16 (physical) slots, one legacy PCI slot, and eight SATA 3 6Gbps ports. It has a black and glossy orange color scheme with large finned heatsinks around the CPU socket and over the southbridge. The board uses a Realtek ALC889 chipset for onboard audio that supports Dolby Home Theater and has a 108dB SNR rating. Further, the GA-990FX-UD7 supports 4-way SLI or CrossFire, Gigabyte's UEFI DualBIOS, and 3X power which allows faster battery charging for supported USB-connected mobile devices.

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The Gigabyte GA-990FX-UD7 at Computex 2013 as spotted by Sweclockers (Click for larger image).

Rear IO includes a single coaxial S/PDIF and six analog audio outputs, four USB 3.0 ports, two eSATA+USB combo ports, and a RJ45 LAN jack.

Interestingly, Gigabyte's Computex display mentions that the new AM3+ motherboard is compatible with AMD's 5GHz AM3+ processor, which lends credibility to previous rumors of a Piledriver-based eight core “Centurion” AMD FX processor clocked at 5GHz with a 220W TDP. That chip was rumored for a summer 2013 release in limited quantities, and it looks like enthusiasts might be able to get their hands on that chip later this year after all!

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Although AMD is not talking, Sweclockers has managed to put together a list of preliminary specifications for the codenamed Centurion processor. Rumors have it that the Centurion chip will be officially named the AMD FX-9000, and that it is a 4-module, 8-core part with a 4.8 GHz base clock and 5.0 GHz turbo clockspeed. It has a total of 8MB L2 cache, and 8MB of L3. Further, this 220W TDP part will support a maximum of DDR3-1866 (officially, before overclocking) and is build on AMD's 32nm SOI HKMG manufacturing process. You will need a beefy air cooler at the minimum to keep this chip happy, but otherwise it should be a fun chip for enthusiasts to tinker with!


Source: Sweclockers

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June 5, 2013 | 03:17 PM - Posted by boothman

I've heard it may be priced as high as $800, which falls into the "oh hell no" category. However, if its priced just under the 4770K, and it can deliver some nice benchmarks, it may be worth a look.

But damn, thats alotta power, it'll have to bundled with the LCS they included with the 8350.

June 5, 2013 | 03:58 PM - Posted by Pholostan (not verified)

New motherboard? Didn't this board come out in 2011? Looks just like the UD7 that sold back then. Rev 1.1 came out last year, that's the one with LLC IIRC.

June 5, 2013 | 04:00 PM - Posted by BigLama (not verified)

MY god 220W is alot!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would buy it instantly, as long as its not overpriced.
Im wondering if the cooler master hyper 212 would be sufficient.
I cant imagine the rendering speeds it would make on revit!!

June 5, 2013 | 04:54 PM - Posted by azuza001 (not verified)

I can't wait to see how this thing handles. I don't care about the high TDP, if it performs like a champ then it's pretty much the equivalent to a US Muscle car from the 60's and 70's, they may not be gas efficient but damn does it matter?

June 6, 2013 | 10:08 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

My ocd 920 thinks that it is a commercial space heater... hope this is not worse than that.

June 6, 2013 | 10:08 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

My ocd 920 thinks that it is a commercial space heater... hope this is not worse than that.

June 7, 2013 | 08:49 PM - Posted by Amet (not verified)

The "Centurion" Codename would be the name of the next AMD FX Chip with "Steamroller" Modules, the 28nm FX will have 20~30% less power per clock than Zambezi then a 5.00GHz FX will have 125w TDPs, the IMC would be 2133MHz..

May 5, 2014 | 12:10 PM - Posted by jim gayton (not verified)

I just bought a GA-990FXA-UD7 (rev. 3.0) and it's a replacement for a GA-990FXA-UD7 (rev. 1.0) and I can't make my 3 way SLI work. I have 3 GTX570 cards and they all work as singles but I cannot get them to work in a SLI. Computer starts with no video. What can I do?

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