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Subject: General Tech | February 14, 2018 - 12:47 PM |
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On Feb 15th Chrome will push out an update which will enable ad filtering on the popular web browser.  They will not take this to the extremes of many ad blocker or script filtering add-ins but instead will block ads which do not conform to the guidelines of the Coalition for Better Ads.  That would mean full page ads with a timer to prevent you from accessing the page until it hits zero, ones with autoplaying audio, pop ups and flashing ads

There will likely be some unintended consequences, as various text editors have pop ups to recover data and there are sites where you want autoplaying content so we shall see how Chrome modifies their ad filter over time.  This is good news for websites as it does not completely prevent ad revenue, only encourages the owners to ensure the ads they allow to be displayed follow certain guidelines.   Pop by Slashdot if you want to join in their reasoned and informed discussion about tomorrows update.

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"Chrome's ad filtering is designed to weed out some of the web's most annoying ads, and push website owners to stop using them. Google is not planning to wipe out all ads from Chrome, just ones that are considered bad using standards from the Coalition for Better Ads. Full page ads, ads with autoplaying sound and video, and flashing ads will be targeted by Chrome's ad filtering, which will hopefully result in less of these annoying ads on the web."

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Source: Slashdot

February 14, 2018 | 01:44 PM - Posted by Jgr9 (not verified)

Will it stop video ads on Youtube? Ha!

February 14, 2018 | 03:12 PM - Posted by AdBastardzPageBorkingMustStop (not verified)

They can use WccfTech's website to test on as that's really annoying. But what about Ads that prevent the web page from loading because the ad providors server is too slow pusing out the Ads. Or the Ads that play around with the search/navigation history so if you try and back navigate it just loads another ad each time the back button is pressed. Users need a method on chrome to report annoying websites that should have all of their ad content blocked until the webite owners cleans things up.

And those HTML5 ad boxes that are always on load another ad after 15 seconds needs to be stopped as each new ad loads more script that can hang the page. Scrolling or jogging the page done by ads can be very disruptive and some ads make it impossible to read any content when that page suddenly and without notice jumps to where the ad is on a different part of the page.

Can a Web Browser detect ads with fauilty scripts that hangs up the browser loading like long running scripts often times do and block the ads also. I'd also like some top level browser toggle switches to stop animated GIFs and embedded by any forum posters Videos from even loading much less auto-playing as that can slow the browser UI down until the UI becomes unusable.

Users need a way to directly alert the chrome folks of webpages that are so bad that all the ads need blocking! And that also includes any websites that have found ways to get around the chrome protections by allowing Chrome users the Option of sending, via chrome, script samples of the offending ads that includ the ad's scripts and metadata information. It would be nice if Chrome with just wrap all ads in a box with a close button control added by the Chrome browser around all ad content so users can just close the annoying ads and the chrome browser flags the ads/Web server address pushing out the offending ads for blocking the very next time that the page is loaded.

I also think that those websites that have their webpagse designed to look like a browser within the browser should have all that Functionality able to be disabled so users can turn some of that HTML5 madness off. ExtremeTech's website reduces the reabable page area to as amall as 5 inches sometimes in the vertical direction with that browser within a browser madness of its webpage design. For a good while ExtremeTech's website was ignoring the meta refresh setting in the browser to not auto refresh the page and that also should rate an all ads being blocked on any websites that ignore any meta refresh OFF settings.

Really Chrome needs a subset of the Java Script Language mode where the user can set the limits on any Java Script functionality to disable that for all ads/other if the Java Script functionality is being abused. Ditto For any HTML5 Standards Functionality and any HTML/HTML5 features that are being abused. Give the users some contol over how that page is displayed/composed for those terribly designed websites. Maybe design the browser to make the Web-Pages layout modifiable by the user in a grab and slide fashon so the user can shrink all that annoying nonsense that takes up too much of the readable page area.

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