Cheap and Compact: The new DS Lite

Subject: General Tech | June 14, 2006 - 01:15 PM |

Digital Trends managed to put down their new DS Lite long enough to give a review.  Take a look at what they think of it, but don't bug them too much ... they are exercising their thumbs.

"Everyone's trying to slim down in time for summer — Nintendo included. Witness the newly debuted DS

Lite ($129.99), a smaller, sleeker and generally better designed model of the popular DS handheld,

which improves upon its predecessor in almost every conceivable way. From tangible weight and size

reductions to a new button layout, sharper visual performance and repositioned stylus holder, it's a

welcome addition to the Japanese giant's celebrated family of portable consoles. So if you haven't

gotten hip to the dual- screened diversion's charms — i.e. touch-sensitive titles experienced through

top- and bottom-mounted visual displays using a stylus or d-pad- and button- based front-end — now's

the perfect chance."

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