Carrier Command: Gaea Mission wasn't designed by Derek Smart, but it could have been

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Carrier Command: Gaea Mission puts you in control of an aircraft carrier and all of its assets, at least after an hour of gameplay The Inquirer describes as "like a demo product rather than a final game".  However if you can make it through that beginning you end up in a very tough game in which you can not only control the movements of your troops and assets from the bridge you can hop in and manually control anything in the game if you wish.  This is a completely open game and will be unforgiving to those who do not plan ahead and consider their attacks carefully.  If you are into completely open worlds and insane amounts of troop and research management this will be right up your alley, if you prefer mission based play with clear goals you might want to give this one a miss.  It has not been confirmed that you will be permanently banned for daring to ask a question in the forums.

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"THE ORIGINAL CARRIER COMMAND game was released all the way back in 1988 offering gamers a comprehensive 3D futuristic aircraft carrier simulation experience.

Sadly, despite positive reviews at the time, outside of a few hardcore circles the game didn't garner mainstream success.

Years later the game has returned, with Carrier Command: Gaea Mission offering the same mix of hardcore real-time strategy and vehicle shooter elements, tasking you to take control of a powerful aircraft carrier and use it to conquer the world."

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Source: The Inquirer

October 18, 2012 | 07:18 AM - Posted by John H (not verified)

This is a great game -- It does have some AI quirks and other scripting bugs that occasionally crop up.. but after trying to play Carrier Command in the late 80s on an ATari ST and realizing the framerate made it less fun (remember many 8bit games ran at respectable framerates), this is a worthy reimagined successor 24 years later...

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