Careful with those funny .ppt emails

Subject: General Tech | July 14, 2006 - 12:28 PM |

Close on the heels of Excel vulnerabilities patched this week, a flaw in PowerPoint could lead to remote code execution.  Be very cautious in opening any .ppt attachments you get, and read the full story at CNET

"Deja vu? Only a day after Microsoft's monthly patch day, a new security hole in Microsoft Office is

being exploited in cyberattacks.

These attacks take advantage of a previously unknown vulnerability in PowerPoint for which no patch is

available, security experts at Symantec said in an alert issued Wednesday. The flaw might affect

Microsoft Office in general, according to the alert.

Microsoft is investigating the issue, it said in an e-mailed statement Thursday. The company is aware

of attacks that exploit the flaw, but those are "extremely limited, targeted attacks," it said. For an

attack to be successful, users must open a malicious PowerPoint file provided to them, for example via

e-mail, Microsoft noted."

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