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Near the beginning of AMD's Investor Relations slidedeck sits a glimpse at what we will see from the company, except for a date with Navi.  Some time before summer break we will see the release of the second generation of Ryzen Pro Mobile chips (picture not to scale), which will bring Zen 2 and improved graphics to your office devices.  

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Just after the mobile chips and in time to give you a reason not to go outside the third generation of Ryzen desktop chips will hit the market, just as AMD promised.  We already have a good idea about what those chips will be called as well as their specifications; Tim covered it in length here if you have yet to memorize all the models.

We will also see Thirdripper or as The Tech Report prefers, Threadripper the Third, though we lack any information on the date or models, you should expect to see it before the end of the year with even more cores running at a higher frequency.

AMD will also be releasing a Zen 2 based EPYC family, for chiplet fans everywhere!  They suggest it will be twice as fast as the previous generation overall, up to four times as fast in certain floating point operations and as is tradition it will be compatible with the current sockets on EPYC motherboards so you can do a quick and easy drop in upgrade. 

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"Can you really call something a leak if the company released it on purpose? AMD's just released a slide deck for its investors, and buried in those slides are a few tiny nuggets of interesting information. Let's take a quick peek into the red team's path ahead."

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March 7, 2019 | 02:31 PM - Posted by VegaDiscreteMobileIgnoredByTheTechnologyPress (not verified)

The slide deck(Slide 7) speaks of Radeon Mobile Vega with a 1.7mm Z height and HBM2 for Ultrathin performance gaming/Ultrathin workstations. So that's is what Apple is using in their Macbooks and no one has the balls to ask AMD if the non Apple laptop market will begin offering any Vega descrete mobile GPU offerings using Vega Discrete Mobile with 4GB HBM2.

When will the non Apple Laptop market get some Discrete Vega Mobile offerings and does AMD have some exclusive deal with Apple currently that's keeping any Discrete Vega Mobile/4GB HBM2 out of any non Apple laptop offerings!

I'm really liking that Vega HBCC/HBC IP that can treat the HBM2 like a last level VRAM Cache for some laptop based Blender 3D workloads where the 4GB of HBM2(HBC) can be filled to overflowing and the Vega HBCC will just swap out of the HBM2(HBC) what is not needed right away to/from system DRAM.

So essentially for any laptop with a Vega Discrete Mobile GPU/HBM2 the physical VRAM size gets extended out to include the System DRAM size also for Virtual VRAM, and even beyond that because the OS will also page out memory to and from SSD/Hard Drive based paging swap space. So that's plenty of VRAM and Vega's HBCC managing the swapping work in the background.

But Really! Why is the Technology Press afraid to ask questions!

March 7, 2019 | 07:17 PM - Posted by chipman (not verified)

"When will the non Apple Laptop market get some Discrete Vega Mobile offerings and does AMD have some exclusive deal with Apple currently that's keeping any Discrete Vega Mobile/4GB HBM2 out of any non Apple laptop offerings!"

Actually it's more an exclusivity for Apple's big wallet (thanks to fat margins) than anything else!

March 7, 2019 | 10:44 PM - Posted by ItsAMDsMarketToLoseWaitingForNaviAsHBCCisVegasKillerFeatre (not verified)

Well yes Apple's getting insane markups for their crappy thin and light and overpriced Tat! But that Radeon Mobile Vega with a 1.7mm Z height and HBM2 will fit just fine in a fatter laptop form factor and there will be room for a bigger heatsink and/or larger fan.

But if AMD does not come forward with a Discrete Mobile Vega/4GB-HBM2 Laptop offerings for the non Apple Laptop market then maybe AMD is just going to be losing more sales. No one wants to wait for Navi any longer and AMD should have focused more on Discrete Mobile Vega/4GB HBM2 in the here and now for the non Apple laptop market than wait any longer for some Navi Discrete Mobile SKUs to show up half way through 2020 when Intel will be entering the Discrete GPU market.

Vega's main selling point for folks doing non gaming Graphics on Discrete Mobile Vega GPUs with HBM2(4GB) is not Vega's Next Generation Compute Units(nCUs) it's that HBCC/HBC IP that the non gaming graphics users are more interested in. Who gives a crap about FPS in the non gaming graphics market. AMD needs to pay more attention to the Non Gaming Graphics users with some Vega Discrete Mobile/4GB-HBM2 offerings that are more geared towards professional graphics usage on laptops. And Apple's Thin And Lights are really underpowered with not enough thermal headroom and are way overpriced.

Really AMD, Vega is good enough for non gaming Graphics Workloads and having a Discrete Mobile Vega GPU that can turn its HBM2 VRAM into that HBC(High Bandwidth Cache) via the HBCC is very attractive for Blender 3D useage where the VRAM size in not limited to only the 4GB of HBM2! And that Vega HBCC will happily in the background make use of the system DRAM for Virtual VRAM paging and keep the GPU working from the HBM2. That's the killer featre for Non Gaming Graphics users as far as discrete mobile Vega/HBM2 is concerned and not any of this who has the most FPS nonsense!

Apple makes more money selling Phones and Tablets and the 30% cut of that App Store action and the online servces that go along with that than it makes selling PCs/Laptops. But AMD really needs to get some Discrete Vega/4GB-HBM2 offerings available for the non Apple Laptop market where the sales volumes are much larger. Apple is developing its own GPU IP and will think nothing of dumping AMD, or Intel, in the longer run. AMD really needs to forget about Apple in the long run and start thinking about AMD. AMD needs its own "NUC" like offerings also and F__K the OEM's that to this day have not been offering any Mini-Desktop options outside of a few Businss Mini-Desktop offerings with Raven Ridge APU Options.

I'd rather Buy some Mini-Desktop "NUC" like offerings directly from AMD and not have to worry about any OEM's that mostly have been offering gimped laptop desgns. Look at the Zotac ZBOX that was supposed to be using first generation Raven Ridge 2000 series APUs and that was announced at CES 2018 and CES 2019 has come and gone and still no Raven Ridge ZBox to be found!

March 9, 2019 | 02:23 PM - Posted by Sebastian Peak

Look no further than the corrupt tech press, right? I mean, Zotac DID release that product...didn’t they?

August 24, 2018 | 03:31 PM - Posted by GotYaPiecesOfSilverDidYa (not verified)

Sebastian Peak.

Where is the ZOTAC ZBOX MA551 with Raven Ridge Options! 

PCPer is the next XBIT labs on the way to that dust bin of irrelevance right along with the deleted posts!

Sorry, just had to chuckle after being called out by name when I dared to review an Intel-powered mini-PC that an Amazon seller was sending out to media looking for coverage. To their credit they didn’t offer money, but quickly testing it and posting the review earned me more cynical and technically libelous, though who cares enough to ever go that far, comments. Such is life! I have reached out to a company about an AMD  mini-PC barebone, but they chose to send an Intel system first. Hopefully I get to test out the Ryzen version at some point.

March 10, 2019 | 01:39 PM - Posted by YouOnlinePressNeedFTCRegulation (not verified)

What are you on about and you are in fact hypersensitive with regards to any criticism! And "technically libelous"
this is the US and not F-ing Blighty with its wacky Libel "Laws". This is the US where freedom of speach is embodied in the Constution.

Look at your reply and you are oh so Triggered in order to reply to an unrelated post so many months later with regards to that ZBOX MA551 in one unrelated post in an article authored by Jeremy Hellstrom and not Sebastian Peak! How very telling that the mere mention of that ZBOX MA551 never gettting to market elicited a direct responce from you.

What was said: "Look at the Zotac ZBOX that was supposed to be using first generation Raven Ridge 2000 series APUs and that was announced at CES 2018 and CES 2019 has come and gone and still no Raven Ridge ZBox to be found! "[See above Post by ItsAMDsMarketToLoseWaitingForNaviAsHBCCisVegasKillerFeatre]

Is this not True?

And look one your replies, Mr Peak, on that same Augest 24 2018 and now you will forever have a sore spot concering that Zotac ZBOX MA551:

"Where indeed is the ZBOX MA551? If it existed as a shipping product, I'd love to review it. You go ahead and find that link for me - and I'm not talking about PR, I'm talking about a product page. Amazon or Newegg link? Anything?

Anyway, since that is a fruitless endeavor I'll briefly cover my review experience with this mini-PC for anyone who reads comments:

Azulle reached out to ask if I was interested in the Inspire. I said sure, and they sent the unit along with a stick of RAM and SSD to complete the review. They also sent over a prepaid mailing label for its return. When I took photos, tested system stability with different operating systems, and ran my benchmarks, I was finished. I packed the unit and provided RAM and SSD back in the box, adhered the return label, and took it to the post office. They got it back a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get a penny, and I didn't get to keep the review unit.

There you go! A true, and boring, account of the review process! For fans of AMD that are bothered by objective content about products not containing AMD products, I suggest starting your own site. Judging by your clever handle I assume you would have fun coming up with a domain name. How about "" or "" or "" or something like that." (1)

Really a professional responce in a journalistic fashion/s

Why are you even carrying on a personal argument with anyone about anything regardng the ZBOX MA551(Never getting to market) or any other product that may have been quashed by some monopoly market player's influnce. You know full well the United States history with regards to abusive Monopoly Interests that still continues to this very day. So for you to take things so very personally will lead folks to become even more suspicious with regards to your outsized defence of so past posts that rubbed you the wrong way.

P.S. I will also remind you that your webiste's founder and one other prominent employee now work for Intel But your webside can not be singled out only for that employment ladder as Anandtech's founder now works for Apple and The Tech Report's Scott Wasson works for AMD. So Do not be so suprised that folks in the US have their rights to express their suspicions and do so freely as often as they desire.

Really it's an endemic problem with the online Technology These conflict of intrests that's needing the same regulation by the FTC as the Radio, TV, And Print Media recieve.

The mistrust of the Entire Online Technology Press is larger than only one person, Sebastian Peak/Anyone else, and really you are a bit too nonplussed by any form of criticism. Also note that there were more issues on that August 24, 2018 date being discussed related to transparency statements and really that's not something that needs to be rehashed a such a late time as months later after the fact!

Seriously The Technology Press online has some of the very same issues with regards to transparency as the Radio and Print media had before the establishment of the FTC and the FCC! And this is a much larger issue than PCPer and one member of the Online technology Press. It's an endemic problem in the entire online Technology Press with regards to conflicts of interests.


"August 24, 2018 | 04:53 PM - Posted by Sebastian Peak"

March 10, 2019 | 01:59 PM - Posted by YouOnlinePressNeedFTCRegulation (not verified)

P.S. Cached for those future historians to make research with! AKA The Second Gilded Age(1975-circa 2020-2025) and the Technology Trusts! They were even more abusive than the old Oil/Railroad Trusts ever where capable of. [Thanks to that Citizens United. SCOTUS decision]

Filed under the Abusive Trusts, Technology, and their Friendly Press apologists!

Also my proof reading sucks as always!

Not an AMD FanBoy as much as I'm against Abusive Monopoly Trusts!

March 10, 2019 | 02:35 PM - Posted by ReviewThisIncredulousOne (not verified)

Here is something for You/PCPer to review(1)! It's listed on NewEgg so it actually exists and it is not the ZOTAC ZBOX MA551-Raven-Ridge! [ note: Cross-Popping Veins anime trope from Sebastian's reaction at the very mention of said vaporware-product]

It's a barebones that's actually to market that supports AM4.

It needs to be sourced from ASrock(Review Sample) and tested with 2000 and 3000(When available) series Raven Ridge APUs! [And don't forget that transparency statment]

Newegg/ASRock listed specifications:

DeskMini A300 Series

•AMD AM4 Socket CPU
- Raven Ridge, Bristol Ridge, Up to 65W
- Support MAX Height ? 46mm CPU Cooler
•High-Speed DDR4 Memory
- DDR4-2933MHz (Ryzen)
- DDR4-2400MHz (A-series)
•Dual Ultra M.2 (NVMe)
- M2_1 M.2 (2280) – PCIe Gen3 x4
- M2_2 M.2 (2280) – PCIe Gen3 x2/x4
•2x 2.5" SATA 6Gbps Hard Drive
•Support RAID 0/1 Function
•HDMI, DisplayPort & D-Sub
•AMD Fluid Motion Technology
•M.2 Wi-Fi Module
•USB 3.1 Gen1 Type-C


"ASRock DESKMINI A300W AMD Socket AM4 1 x HDMI Barebone System"

March 10, 2019 | 04:06 PM - Posted by WilzPeeCeePerSleepsNewsHappinz (not verified)

Looks like maybe Nvidia outbid(?) Intel and that's interesting news(1).


"Nvidia Nears Deal for Data Center Tech Firm Mellanox

Bloomberg News

‎March‎ ‎10‎, ‎2019‎ ‎12‎:‎48‎ ‎PM Updated on ‎March‎ ‎10‎, ‎2019‎ ‎1‎:‎30‎ ‎PM"

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