VIA CX700M -Unified Chipset with HDTV support

Subject: General Tech | September 26, 2006 - 11:43 AM |

The VIA CX700M integrates premium graphics, audio, memory, storage, and
HDTV support all in a single chip design
. This unified design enables
the creation of smaller form factor designs, reduced power consumption,
and easier cooling, all of which opens the door for an expanded range
of embedded solutions. This is all done in a single chip package
exactly the same size as a North bridge, i.e. 37.5mm x 37.5mm,
representing a saving of over 34% in board real estate. This represents
a major breakthrough for the embedded industry where ultra compactness
is essential, and will have significant benefit for embedded boards
such as PC/104 and VIA EPIA mainboards.

Complementing the power-efficient VIA C7 and fanless VIA Eden
processors it supports, the VIA CX700M is based on a highly
sophisticated power efficient architecture that enables such rich
integration into a compact package with a maximum power envelope of
just 3.5 watts. A number of key power management technologies are
incorporated that monitor activity and dynamically control power
according to system load requirements.