CES 2014: Kyle Orland (Ars Technica) Tries Steam Controller

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Valve has garnered a lot of hype leading up to this CES. This event was the launch of Steam Machines from their OEM partners. The line-up for their keynote speech was intense, Ryan tweeting in the crowd a whole half of an hour before the speech. Finally, at 7:59 pm EST, Gabe begun to speak... and taking questions by 8:02. Included below is a dramatization of the event.

Yes, I know, "Simpsons did it..."

... South Park probably did it too.

As previously reported, thirteen OEM designs were presented and available to discuss their product. Steam controllers came up during the question period and brought out a pretty big detail: while Valve will be making the Steam Controller, other manufacturers will be allowed to make their own. Currently release date and expected price are still unknown.

Some journalists actually got their hands on the official Steam Controller and they, naturally, shared their thoughts. Kyle Orland of Ars Technica was one of them and his opinion was quite literally split down the middle. On the one hand, pun fully intended, aiming felt about as comfortable and effective as a mouse. On the other hand, movement in legacy mode was aggravating without any tactile feedback signaling where any of the eight directions (up, down, left, right, and the diagonals) start and end.

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Again, this opinion only stands for shooter-style games in "Legacy Mode". Developers can use the controller more effectively when they design their title for the actual API. Legacy mode maps controller input to mouse and keyboard events and signals.

He also had other comments (positive and negative) about the button layout and other aspects of the controller. It might be worth checking out if you keep in mind: it is early times and he only had a few minutes to base his opinion.

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Source: Ars Technica

January 9, 2014 | 12:51 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

The Gaben, is holding his cards close to his chest, and who can blame him! Just look at some of the "technical Press", reviews of the Steam prototypes! There where 3 different prototypes High end, medium, and low cost test platforms. But, what divice did the some of the "technical Press" review, the High end divice, and what did some of these reporters criticise, they criticised the high end device's high cost, and did not bother to inform their readers that there were two other, lower cost builds, of the Steam box prototypes out there in the wild! Look at some of the questions that where asked, by the so called members of the audience, that total units sold by the competition question, really! Look at the number of articles out there that imply, or outright state, that the Steam OS BETA, did not appear to be able to do, all the things that other OSs could, while neglecting to even mention that the OS was a BETA, in the article's title, or anywhere in the article!
No mention of any Debian derived Linux distro's ability to do, or be made to do what any Debian derived linux distro can, with respect to any other OS! No just more of the under reporting, and lies of omission, to serve the hand that feeds them, type of reporting, by the hidden agenda FUD spinners, fulfilling their duty to master, to get that bone, and a pat on the head. There are lots on intrests out there with a long history of being against Open platforms, in fact these intrests' entire business model is predicated upon having as closed an ecosystem, as is absolutely possable!

Keep up the good work you big open Gaben Bear, and don't let the MarketBabble speaking "journalists"/rangers rain on your open picnic.

January 9, 2014 | 03:33 PM - Posted by Lord Binky (not verified)

That's not rain, they're just standing at the top of the buildings nearby.

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