Bulldozer will be on time, missing CEO or not

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AMD has a lot to happy about today, even if both they and GLOBALFOUNDRIES are one CEO short of a full board.  This time last year AMD was talking up Bulldozer as a product 12 months or more out of market and facing a $43 million loss under “Generally Accepted Accounting Principles”, as Josh explained fully.  Long story short it was money being paid for GF; the unadjusted profit for the quarter was actually $83 million, . This quarter it was a $61 million profit, $70 million non-GAAP, thanks to AMD focusing on keeping the costs down, with a bit of help from the recent release of Llano. 

On the processor side, AMD is pegging the 16-core "Interlagos" Opteron 6200 Bulldozer CPU for servers and the Zambezi FX series will both come out at the same time, at least as far as revenue is concerned.  We may not have them in hand for a while longer than that, but not too long.  Drop by the Register for the full picture.

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"The hybrid CPU-GPU chips for mobile PCs gave Advanced Micro Devices some breathing room in the second quarter, but it's going to take continued ramping of these APU processors and an upswing in Opteron server sales to get the company back to the profit levels it should be enjoying during a retooling phase in the IT market – and it looks like AMD and its server partners won't have to wait too much longer."

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July 22, 2011 | 02:01 PM - Posted by Firekingdom (not verified)

Sweet more cores for server. Linux benefits more in this area than Microsoft. I never like how the license for server edition is setup. With linux just find a flavor you like. Did you know that win7 has a cpu limit are 2 at the high end. Like why can I have 4 cpu in it. Theirs a fix for it, but not easy. This is what I would do have win7 as a vm and make the the vm software tell win7 it has 2 cpus with x amount of cores. Then let the vm software load balance win7. Also the ram too.
Not sure it this will work, will be nice if it does.

July 23, 2011 | 12:12 AM - Posted by Mayford (not verified)

Ok so normal users don't have more than one CPU in their system so Windows 7 is perfect for the application. That is not saying you can't have more cores it means you can only have two physical cpu's on a board and Windows 7 installed. More often than not you will not find a PC with more than one cpu in it outside a commercial setting. So you see the clientele of MS fits inside that box. If you need more you are supposed to buy server editions. That is the model that MS has setup.

July 22, 2011 | 06:45 PM - Posted by RonaldB (not verified)

what are the prices going to look like. I'm interested in buying a bulldozer system and let it live for 2 years

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