Break your finger and next thing you know you're chasing the Dragon ... Naturally Speaking of course

Subject: General Tech | January 4, 2013 - 02:15 PM |
Tagged: dragon, naturallyspeaking, voice

Thanks to a wee bicycle accident Geoff at The Tech Report had an opportunity to test out Dragon's newest Naturally Speaking program, the newest evolution of software initially conceived of by such greats as Kurzweil and Rucker.  This was after realizing that Android's voice recognition was not about to start recognizing the technical terms commonly used in online reviews.  While he found that the program felt slow in bringing up the words he was speaking and was a little cumbersome to use with Notepad ++, it is tightly integrated with Word and at no time did he have doubts about Dragon's claimed 99% accuracy.  Check it out and see if maybe it is time for you to dump the keyboard, mangled fingers or not.

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"In his latest blog post, TR's Geoff Gasior recounts how a broken finger drove him to speech recognition software. Dragon NaturallySpeaking lived up to its 99% accuracy claims, but not without some annoying quirks."

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