BioWare is looking for a few good game writers

Subject: General Tech | December 2, 2005 - 11:57 AM |

Think you've got what it takes to make the next Baldur's Gate or KOTOR?  BioWare is having a contest, to have people submit, in writing, the outline for a game.  Even if you don't get hired, there's a good chance you could win a prize.  The Inquirer can give you more info, and a link to the contest details.

I've also heard rumours that FutureLooks and The Tech Zone are running a similar ECS contest, if you are really hoping to put a Pentium D under the tree.

"It is officially titled, "The Contest That Might Become Your Career." Note the clever use of the

subjunctive mood, "might" being the key word. No employment is guaranteed, but there's nothing

wrong with a little hype on their part. In fact, the subjunctive could be considered the spin

doctor's best friend.

And the actual prizes aren't bad. Coffee mugs, wool caps, t-shirts, and a fair chunk more go to

each of the eight winners. And to be fair, they do list some folks from the community who have

been hired in the past."

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  • Source: The Inquirer

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