AT&T has some good news and some very bad news

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To start off with the bad news, as is our wont, DirecTV kits have a rather serious code injection problem.  A researcher was able access the root shell on the Linksys WVBR0-25 wireless video bridge in less than 30 seconds, once he had access to one of the devices that the bridge was streaming to.  As there are many infected machines out there, often PC's used only as video players as simple, poorly secured machines, this would mean your machines could be recruited into a botnet or mining pool quite easily.  The researcher passed on his research to AT&T and Linksys 181 days ago he is quite disappointed they have yet to start develop a patch, according to The Register.

On a more positive note, AT&T is testing broadband over powerlines in Georgia and an undisclosed location outside the USA.  They did not release any specifics of the current bandwidth which they can provide, though their goal is to surpass 1 gigabit per second.  This will be quite the project as the testing we have done with powerline adapters did not show network connectivity anywhere near that speed in the best case scenarios, let alone when less than perfect wiring nor distance degraded the overall performance.  You can check out more on that topic over at Slashdot.

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"AT&T's DirecTV wireless kit has an embarrassing vulnerability in its firmware that can be trivially exploited by miscreants and malware to install hidden backdoors on the home network equipment, according to a security researcher."

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December 14, 2017 | 05:18 PM - Posted by Goofus Maximus

Sigh. When AT&T@Home was our ISP, we had a 6 month back-and-forth due to double-billing, which they NEVER fixed, and we cancelled the credit card they were auto-billing. I was never so happy as when @home imploded, and Charter took over. Now AT&T is trying to buy Charter's parent company. I live in dread.

Just this month, a three month back and forth with our land line has ended with us ending our land line.

I hate AT&T with a passion. Their billing support offers no support, and much egregious billing... If you EVER get into a billing fiasco with them, you will NEVER get it solved without dumping them entirely.

Edit: Yes, my rant is a bit off-topic to the article. Sorry about that. The name "AT&T" just triggered my uncontrolled rage, that just rolled out into a rant on the comment section!

December 14, 2017 | 05:11 PM - Posted by Dango (not verified)

And that's why people should build their own firewall to limit the access for those kind device.
For those who use consumer grade router, put those device on a guest network or different subnet from you main local network. And hope that your router have up to date security patches.

December 15, 2017 | 09:00 PM - Posted by CNote

The whole having data over powerlines is nice if younlive in an area with buried lines but the company I used to work for had a similar system and it wasnt good. They tried to pass a small amount of data from smart meters in Pa and it was cool until a little wind.

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