AMD just stole the mid-range performance Mantle in BF4

Subject: General Tech | March 5, 2014 - 03:08 PM |
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The new Mantle API has arrived for BF4, with quite a few other games waiting in the wings which will also take advantage of this DirectX competitor.  The results that [H]ard|OCP saw were not as impressive as what the marketing would have had you believe but it still offers an improvement over DirectX in some cases.  With high end hardware running at EyeFinity resolutions [H] did not see much improvement, the GTX 780 Ti took the performance crown.  However on a single monitor with a R9 290 or 280X they saw very significant performance increases which left both the GTX 780 and 770 lagging behind in performance.  Mantle will not yet allow mid range GPUs to act like high end cards but there is promise in this new API.

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"AMD's Mantle API has been with us for just over a month now, and we have strapped a variety of video cards to the test bench to see what real world differences are being delivered to gamers within Battlefield 4. We will compare D3D11, Mantle, on various GPUs, looking at highest playable settings, frame times, and discuss our experiences."

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Source: [H]ard|OCP

March 5, 2014 | 06:32 PM - Posted by 7stars

to me the GPU bound matter at so high resolutions is not so many players? GPUs and software like Mantle evolve as usual, however...
Then, about programming, one matter is a patched game, another matter will be a game developed with Mantle in mind since beginning. Not only, it will allow many more objects on the screen, interactions and complexity of the scene, which in D3D ATM would cause a slideshow.
Frametime variance? So low and flat (despite some expected teething issues)...never seen before
Is Mantle a perf. god at 1080p? Yes.
Multi-GPU? Again Yes, even better... crossfire 290 users are excited (but there's an issue with vsync ATM, they said it will be fixed in the next beta drivers...)
Mission accomplished if they will optimize all GCN cards as promised? Definitely YES.
Enough ;-)

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