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With the release of the new GPUs from AMD comes an addition to the Never Settle bundle, aptly named Never Settle Space Edition.  In addition to the games already available on the Never Settle Forever those who buy the new R9 285 will be able to choose from Alien: Isolation, Star Citizen, Space Run and Habit.  You can see a model of the ship that seems to come with Star Citizen at HEXUS.

The Fragging Frogs will be logging in tonight to get in some gaming action after the Podcast, you can see what is planned and make suggestions in this thread on our Forums.

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"To coincide with the launch of the AMD Radeon R9 285 graphics cards AMD will augment the Never Settle choices and re-name the bundle as the 'Never Settle Space Edition'. With the newly announced additional quartet of space games AMD graphics card purchasers will have a choice of 31 games to pick though, depending upon what GPUs they buy."

Here is some more Tech News from around the web:


Source: Hexus

August 27, 2014 | 02:19 PM - Posted by H1tman_Actua1

Chris Roberts runs a i7intel SLI titan rig. Sell's out to AMD for $$$ and advertising...Mantle is a back burner project to SC as well. Won't be introduced until after the full game release.

August 27, 2014 | 03:12 PM - Posted by GutsNotDead (not verified)

AMD's last event celebrating 30 years of making graphics chips was really hard to watch. Their PR people are obnoxious, including that Richard Huddy, who, from his interview with MaximumPC, it is obvious that he has no real understanding of any of the issues he talked. He has a degree in marketing, yet he's trying to convince those around him that he's been in the "graphics" business for a twenty something years. Of course the rest of their PR are as pathetic if not worse, unfortunately.

AMD needs to fire 95% of their PR people and hire more technical people to work on their products. Heck, HSA is not coming along as well as anticipated. They need more software people there to push the new programming model through the industry.

August 27, 2014 | 04:07 PM - Posted by ZoA (not verified)

IDK, I find nvidia far more obnoxious. In nvidia MaximumPC interview flowing Huddy's nvidia representatives were ridiculous.

They spent like 5 minutes trashing concept of low level graphic API, taking how it is not only unnecessary, providing no real benefit, but actually damaging. That did not prevent them to endorse DX12 later in the interview. IDK if they were just idiots and did not know DX12 is low level API, or they are just complete hypocrites deliberately misinforming public about what is low level API thinking their audience and costumers are too ignorant to know DX12 is itself low level API.

Then they lied about giving access to source code to GW participant as it is mather of public record that no developer of GW tile published to date had access to source code. GW source code is available only to selected few devs, and only sense April of this year, so no currently published game could actually benefit from that. When confronted about miserable state of optimization for GW tiles such as Batman they blamed it on bugs, effectively dumping all the blame for it in the hands of the developers. But developers could not optimize the code because they did not have access to GW source code at the time, so alleged “bugs” such as overtessellation, were introduced by nvidia itself, not by actual game developer. Franky I don't think those were bugs, but “features” nvidia very much intended.

August 27, 2014 | 05:24 PM - Posted by arbiter

Problem i think he ment is AMD sends MARKETING guys out that have 0 understanding mostly of what they are sent to talk about. Which sadly given how much they claim and end up not living up to its looks pretty true.

Nvidia least when they have had a live stream sends a guy that isn't a pure marketing guy, they sent someone that knows and understands the tech being discussed.

For GW source you have to pay for license that comes with it, most don't cause they don't need it.

August 28, 2014 | 04:09 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)


I do NOT care about free games and junk...

How about variable refresh rate monitors? How about something that ACTUALLY matters .. for ALL games/emulators/whatever.

How about AMD pushes devs to make 100hz+ IPS Widescreen high res monitors? U know, since they are competing with nvidia on that front now, would be nice to have something BETTER.

How about ironing out drivers?

How about a new architecture for gpus? Or (may i say it?) EVEN A DECENT CPU I CAN USE IN A MINI ITX CASE? An 8core 28nm Kaveri even would do... ffs. SOMETHING NEW.

November 6, 2014 | 03:21 AM - Posted by alkarnur

"I do NOT care about free games and junk... "
Most do. And the games being bundled aren't junk, they're top-shelf titles.

"How about variable refresh rate monitors? How about something that ACTUALLY matters .. for ALL games/emulators/whatever."
Have you been living under a rock? FreeSync monitors will be available in the next few months. And FreeSync is based on Adaptive Sync which is an open standard: an open standard that Nvidia intentionally won't embrace.

"How about AMD pushes devs to make 100hz+ IPS Widescreen high res monitors?"
Devs don't make monitors. Troll harder, moron.

"How about ironing out drivers?"
This accusation has been false for so long now, it's essentially libelous at this point.

"How about a new architecture for gpus?"
Oh, you mean like Tonga and Pirate Islands that will be in their next-gen GPUs that will ship early-to-mid 2015?

In a few days, they will be shipping ~affordable~ 8GB cards that will allow you to max out textures in games such as Shadow of Mordor without getting *ss-raped by GTX Titan prices.

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