64-bit Android is Down By the Bay

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Given how long it took Intel to release a good 64-bit architecture, dragged ear-first by AMD, it does seem a little odd for them to lead the tablet charge. ARM developers are still focusing on 32-bit architectures and current Windows 8.1 tablets tend to stick with 32-bit because of Connected Standby bugs. Both of these should be cleared up soon.

Also, 64-bit Android tablets should be available this spring based on Bay Trail.

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According to Peter Bright of Ars Technica, Android will be first to 64-bit on its x86 build while the ARM variant hovers at 32-bit for a little while longer. It would not surprise me if Intel's software engineers contributed heavily to this development (which is a good thing). I expect NVIDIA to do the same, if necessary, to ensure that Project Denver will launch successfully later this year.

The most interesting part about this is how the PC industry, a symbol of corporate survival of the fittest, typically stomps on siloed competitors but is now facing the ARM industry built on a similar Darwin-based logic. Both embrace openness apart from a few patented instruction sets. Who will win? Well, probably Web Standards, but that is neither here nor there.

Source: Ars Technica

January 21, 2014 | 11:27 AM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

And when the ARM 64 bit variant shows up with the arrival of 64 bit ARM based hardware, most of the ARM ecosystem OEMs will switch from the 32 bit to the 64 version bit Dalvik VM, which is available for the ARMv8 hardware, and ARM Holdings and its ARM based ecosystem partners have made sure of that! The Dalvik VM will still be executing the same Dalvik bytecode, as that will not change be the Dalvik VM written in 32 bit or 64 bit code! OEMs will not be using any x86 based phone CPUs/APUs until there is at least 2 indipendent suppliers of x86 based phone CPUs/APUs!
Do not expect OEMs to ever let themselves become dependent on a single x86 supplier, and most phone OEMs are, and will continue to be users of the ARM ecosystem based CPU products. The ARM Holding's licensed IP business model affords the mobile devices market the maxium control of their CPU supplies, maxium control of the CPU design process, and Costs, that AMD or Intel can not and will not provide! Remember the ARMv8 ISA is backwards compatible with the ARM AArch32 bit ISA so 32 bit native code will still run on ARM 64 bit devices! And in the first place, any Android Applications are targeted/compiled for the Dalvik VM, and their compiled into Dalvik VM bytecode is already platform indipendent and will run via the Dalvik VM on any underlying hardware(32 bit or 64 bit) that hosts the Dalvik VM. Phone/Tablet OEMs will not be persuaded, or fooled into becoming controlled by one supplier of CPU parts, and Many Phone/tablet OEM's are designing their own ARM ISA based CPUs in house, and adding other 3rd party licensed IP, and many of the smaller Phone/tablet OEM will use the ARM Holdings' refrence designs and have the refrence CPUs custom intrigrated with other IP by hired design bureaus' (ARM Holdings, others). Apple will continue to develop its leading custom ARM 64 bit ISA designs, and others will be introducing custom ARM 64 bit ISA designs to compete, including Nvidia, and AMD, as x86 may never have much of the Phone devices market, tablets are another story, but the Nvidia Tegra K1(ARM refrence, and Denver ARM ISA custom based) looks to be good for the tablet market with its full desktop OpenGL, OpenGL, and other driver capabilities.

January 21, 2014 | 08:49 PM - Posted by drbaltazar (not verified)

64 bit ? Game dev yell: what's that ? I was an early adopter of 64 bit its been 10 years and we can barely get stable 32 bit ,64 bit be it on console or PC will start only when steam or ms make 64 bit title ,not before .game dev copy Amd paste like champ .but creating ? Mm not really . hellgate London was the only serious try at 64 bit
Wow went 64 bit but gamer are having a hard time with it for some reason (streaming on twitch and all that)

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