The price of upgrading, DDR4 starts to appear

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DDR4 is starting to arrive at NewEgg and some kits are actually in stock for those who want to be the first on their block to have these new DIMMs and can remortgage their home.  The price of Haswell-E CPUs and motherboards is as of yet unknown but looking over the past few years of Intel's new processors you can assume the flagship processor will be around $999.99 with the feature rich motherboards starting around $200 and quickly raising from there.

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Both G.SKILL and Crucial have lead with 32GB kits in DDR4-2133 and DDR4-2400 and as you can see the price for their DIMMs and most likely the competitions will be between $450 to $500.

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At the 16GB mark you have more choices with Corsair joining in and a range of speeds that go up to DDR4-2800 as well as your choice of a pair of 8GB DIMMs or four 4GB DIMMs.  Corsair was kind enough to list the timings, the DDR4-2666 @ 15-17-17-35 and the DDR4-2800 @ 16-18-18-36 though you will certainly pay a price for the RAM with the highest frequencies.

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For those on a budget it would seem like waiting is your best choice, especially as Amazon is offering a limited selection of the new kits, as there is only a single 8GB kit from Crucial although you can buy two of the single DIMMs without heatspreaders for $110. 

Intel product releases are always dearly priced, the introduction of a new generation of RAM is both exciting and daunting. You will see power reductions, base frequencies that were uncommon in DDR3 and very likely an increase in the ability to overclock these DIMMs but it is going to cost you.  If Haswell-E is in your sights you should start planning on how to afford replacing your CPU, motherboard and RAM at the same time as this is no refresh this is a whole new product line.

Source: NewEgg

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August 20, 2014 | 05:41 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

It all depends what I get for the money. If this is as fast in real world scenarios as DDR3 for the same money then why even bother.

August 20, 2014 | 07:16 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

They need better timing compare to DDDR3 to make any difference.

August 20, 2014 | 06:58 PM - Posted by MarkT (not verified)

We'll if anything it provides a good laugh.

August 20, 2014 | 07:55 PM - Posted by jchambers2586

When will non E chip sets be getting DDR4?

August 21, 2014 | 08:06 AM - Posted by Crazycanukk

probably with Broadwell desktop cpu's mid late 2015 i'm guessing.

August 21, 2014 | 03:42 AM - Posted by JohnGR

Anyone asking from AMD to come out with a DDR4 socket fast, should have a look at these prices.

Tom's Hardware also have an article like this with prices from Overclockers UK. US prices are extremely good compared with those in OC UK. Damn European taxes....

August 21, 2014 | 08:05 AM - Posted by Crazycanukk

TBH those prices are better then i thought it would be. The 16 gig kits are coming in close to 40% less then i predicted they would have come out of the gate at. I was guessing $299 minimum to $350 for 16 gig kits alone...

August 22, 2014 | 02:06 PM - Posted by Shortwave (not verified)

Pretty much my thoughts.

August 21, 2014 | 06:28 PM - Posted by QD (not verified)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....

August 22, 2014 | 03:45 PM - Posted by BBMan (not verified)

Looks like 8/29:,27460.html

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