PCPer Mailbag #41 - Cache Me If You Can

Subject: Editorial | April 27, 2018 - 09:00 AM |
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It's time for the PCPer Mailbag, our weekly show where Ryan and the team answer your questions about the tech industry, the latest and greatest GPUs, the process of running a tech review website, and more!

On today's show, Allyn is here to answer your storage questions:

00:27 - Building a cheap 60-drive storage array?
06:48 - Insane SSD prices?
09:18 - SSDs improve game frame rate?
12:58 - Using Optane to cache an SSHD?
18:34 - Formatting hard drives that won't mount?
20:29 - HD Tune & benchmarking large drives?
26:41 - RAID drives showing up as individual disks?
30:43 - Benchmarking high queue depth on single threads?

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April 27, 2018 | 09:20 AM - Posted by Kareha

I don't mind if this is answered here or on the next mailbag, but is there any measurable difference in game loading times between standard SATA SSD's and NVME SSD's? Not many places tend to test game loading times so am hoping for some input from anyone here :)

April 28, 2018 | 07:42 AM - Posted by WhyMe (not verified)

It depends on what NVME drive you're talking about, generally I'd say the answer is that you won't notice a difference between game loading times between SATA or NVME SSD's unless you're talking about the highend NVME drives like Optane, 960 Pro, or WD black but even then you're only talking about roughly 5-20 percent faster.

Here's a link to an all be it rather small test on a single game.

April 27, 2018 | 01:06 PM - Posted by Azhar (not verified)

Hi Allyn,

Thanks for answering "Benchmarking high queue depth on single thread". I think you are referring to Asynchronous/Non-Blocking IO which I used in the context of network but didn't know it existed for disk/block until now.

You mentioned DMA, and I have not thought about it in the context of disk IO. It makes sense now. How would you describe your experience with 'Asynchronous/Non-Blocking IO' API's on Linux? Can you recommend one?


April 27, 2018 | 03:29 PM - Posted by skysaberx8x

I have a question about case modding that I absolutely couldn't find an answer for.
TL;DR : will laminted glass be a better (or even make a difference) for reducing noise of a case compared to TG and annealed glass?

My Dilemma in full detail: I built a pc about 6 months ago, yet I still haven't bought a case. I finally decided to get the R6 and I really want the gunmetal color. Alas, the gunmetal TG version is out of stock and I can't backorder. Only the solid panel version of the gunmetal color is available and even if it was available,I really dislike that the gunmetal TG version is 33% tinted. My thought on how to solve this: Since I'm I'm going to mod the side panel of a {silent} case, should I use laminted glass for its superior noise reduction (in theory) compared to both TG and annealed glass?

April 28, 2018 | 02:01 AM - Posted by Dark_wizzie

Is there a better way for the average person to figure out transfer sizes requested by a video game than HD Tune? The transfer size listed maxes out at 2048k.

How much empty space should I leave on my drive for read performance reasons with a modern drive?

April 28, 2018 | 02:47 AM - Posted by Kokorniokos (not verified)

Hello dear Allyn,
I created a software mirror RAID, with 2x 8Terabyte drives. Every time I restart or shut down my PC the RAID starts Syncing for 3 to 4 straight days. I barely turn off my PC anymore because of this problem. Searching online I find no fix. Do you know if there is a registry mod or a software that can cancel, pause or re-sync on demand?
I would appreciate any help... Feeling completely lost with this.
Warm regards from Greece

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