PCPer Live! Planetside 2 Game Stream

Subject: Editorial | December 19, 2012 - 06:58 PM |
Tagged: live, video, planetside 2

Just a quick note to anyone that might want to join us, we are going to attempt to play some Planetside 2 after the podcast recording tonight.  Planetside 2 is a free to play first person MMO.  It is kind of complicated though so you might want to learn up some on the details if you haven't played before.

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We are going to use Teamspeak for our in-game chat and you can get the details for the Fragging Frogs Main TS Server right here.

If you aren't interested in playing but would like to watch, you should head to our PC Perspective Live! Page for our live stream!

December 19, 2012 | 07:19 PM - Posted by Nilbog

I can't wait!

December 20, 2012 | 01:46 AM - Posted by Hystaspes (not verified)

sigh my sh*tty internet service in Malaysia won't allow me to play online games (slow connection)... :(

December 20, 2012 | 12:42 PM - Posted by renz (not verified)

lol. i only have 1mbps connection but still able to play it. not sure about the latency but the right now the connection is much better compared to when the game officially got release.

December 20, 2012 | 11:34 AM - Posted by orvtrebor

would have liked to watch but I'm @ work when you guys are live :(

February 16, 2013 | 10:19 PM - Posted by Anonymous (not verified)

Is there a way to trade these credits? I really don't want mine. Can you trade them through steam or something? Is tehre a way to sell your account?

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