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Subject: Editorial | June 24, 2005 - 09:19 AM |
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Just one more day until moving day.  Tomorrow, bright and early, my helpful friends and I will pack up the UHaul truck and I will hopefully drive it safely an hour and half north to where my new house is finished and waiting.  I closed on it nearly 2 full weeks ago, but because of my recently trips and the 7800 GTX article that needed to be completed on time, I waited to move-in.  The office is now completely packed up with the expection of this single computer that I am typing on now; its a barren wasteland in here and kind of sad. 

I will definitely miss Lexington and the roommates and friends I have here, but I am more excited about moving on and starting my own real life.  Of course, I don't think "fun" will come to my mind during the all day moving experience, but I just didn't feel like paying any movers!  :)

The house picture below is the final product, except we have a bit more grass now.  Hopefully a LOT more by the time I get up there tomorrow. 

As for work, I already mentioned the 7800 GTX article, and I have several other smaller reviews nearly ready for you as well, but they are going to have to wait until after the move.  I did also review the lowest priced dual-core processor on the market today, the Intel Pentium D 820 and had quite a good experience with it.  Be sure to give that a read.

For now, I am done and probably won't update here again until this PC is setup at the new house.  Wish me luck!

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