Computex or ... bust?

Subject: Editorial | May 30, 2005 - 11:35 PM |
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I guess up until this point, I have been pretty lucky.  For more than 5 years I have been attending conferences and shows like Computex without much of a hassle.  Oh my, how this year has been different.

First, I was denied a Visa to China, for a planned trip to visit with Abit after the Computex show.  A multi-week process got me nowhere but to a canceled plane ticket and changes to my return flights from Taiwan.  On the way to Taiwan, I find that my flight from LAX to Taipei was booked over and I missed my flight, forcing me to take a flight 24 hours later.  So instead of showing up on the 30th as I had planned, I arrived on the 31st -- the opening day of the show.  So that means instead of being able to have a day to rest and adjust to the new time schedule, I was forced to go to the hotel, shower and step into the dreaded humid/heat that they call weather here and start working right away.

But wait, there's more!  My camera didn't make it here.  So now I am at Computex, without a camera, the MAIN TOOL in any coverage of a SHOW.  I have been hunting around for someone to have an extra one, but no luck so far.  I'll visit the local shops later tonight and see if I can't find a cheap one to buy, but as you might guess, that's not my favorite option. 

Completely Awesome. 

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