A different kind of DisplayPort adaptor

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Usually when we discuss DisplayPort adaptors on PC Perspective it is to talk about active DisplayPort to DVI adaptors used to bring a half dozen screens to a Crossfire setup.  There is another use for this connection type however, as evidenced by the Accell UltraAV DisplayPort to DVI Multi-Monitor Adapter that ThinkComputers just reviewed
Without the need for Eyefinity or nVIDIA Surround you can have up to three monitors running at a combined resolution of 1024x3840.  This is not going to find usage in gaming machines, nor with people who want the displays to act as separate units, the adaptor will only create one very large desktop as opposed to being able to distinguish between them but for anyone looking for a very long desktop, this is worth checking out.

“I’m a multi-display guy and I have been for a long time. It is very hard for me to

work with just one display. I really like to have my work on one screen and other

things like instant messenger, iTunes, and Twitter on the other screen. This is pretty

easy to do when you have a desktop system, but what about a laptop. Many people are

moving away from desktops and going to a laptop as their main system. I would love to

do the same, but I cannot work on a small laptop screen. Well Accell has just the thing

for me the UltraAV DisplayPort to DVI Multi-Monitor adapter. This little device will

allow you to enjoy multiple monitors from a single DisplayPort output, let’s take a


Here are some more Display articles from around the web:

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