Pick up three 27" for less than one 30"

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AnandTech will be the first to admit that there are some sacrifices you have to accept to use the Sceptre X270W-1080P, but most of those will not have any effect on enjoyment during gaming.  Consider that a single high end Dell 30" will run you about $1,300 while you can pick up three of these Sceptre LCDs for under $1000.  Which sounds more enjoyable to you, 30" of 2560x1600 or 81" of 5760x1080 using AMD's EyeFinity or nVIDIA's Surround technology.  If you can deal with a less than ideal pixel pitch as a tradeoff for a good price, decent response time and an acceptable colour gamut you really should check out this review.

"Sceptre's 27" X270W-1080P LCD is targeted primarily at PC gamers and desktop productivity

segments of the market. To that extent, it packs a TN panel for higher refresh rate and

lower processing lag (we’ve shown in previous tests that, for whatever reason, S-PVA panels

show a significant amount of input lag), and for meeting that relatively low price point.

There are caveats we've repeated time and time over about the TN choice, but it actually

makes sense here; Sceptre wants a fast panel for gamers that likely don’t care about super

accurate color tracking, and they want it to meet gamers' budgets."

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Source: AnandTech

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