HP's Omen X Emperium is an NVIDIA BFGD Priced at $5,000

Subject: Displays | January 6, 2019 - 01:10 PM |
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After first unveiling them at last year’s CES, NVIDIA’s Big Format Gaming Displays (BFGD) finally have an official price point. Engadget met up with NVIDIA partner HP at CES 2019 to preview the company’s Omen X Emperium BFGD.

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The 65-inch 4K display sports G-SYNC HDR, 144Hz refresh rate, an integrated sound bar, and built-in NVIDIA SHIELD interface. The starting price? $4,999.

That price isn’t too surprising; rumors and leaks from NVIDIA’s BFGD partners had suggested the $5,000 range. And when you consider that the first true G-SYNC HDR displays hit the market at $2,000 for a paltry 27-inches, the BFGD’s price seems reasonable in that context.

But with HP showing its hand early on here at CES, it’s likely that we can expect NVIDIA’s other BFGD partners to be priced in the same ballpark. We have yet to receive further details on any smaller BFGDs, but if you’re crazy enough to pay any price for giant, G-SYNC HDR gaming, you’ll be able to pick up the HP Omen X Emperium starting in February.


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January 6, 2019 | 01:25 PM - Posted by Cyclops

You forgot to mention the resolution which is 4K.

January 6, 2019 | 01:36 PM - Posted by ipkh

Brightness. It better be hdr1000 or more.

January 6, 2019 | 02:18 PM - Posted by mLocke

Just to give a perspective on what the current market looks like, a 4k "10-bit HDR" 65" large format display go for about $1,700. Also only 350nits, 68% of NTSC color gamut (so much for 10bit HDR), and 60hz.


January 6, 2019 | 04:29 PM - Posted by Anonymous324324324 (not verified)

This isn't competing against shit tier commercial displays. It's competing against TVs. Samsung's 2018 TVs already had Freesync.

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