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The most important things in display reviews have changed over the years, from SVGA or VGA to LCD or CRT to more recent times when the big differences have been limited to native resolution and screen size.  There are other statistics which are important, like response times, brightness and viewing angles, as well as the colour gamut if you are into graphics design.  Thanks to nVIDIA and a few other companies, the next big thing has arrived which is depth, or 3D.  The ViewSonic VX2268WM and Samsung SyncMaster 2233RZ are up for review at Digital Trends with a little help from nVIDIA's 3D Vision kit.  Both are 120MHz 1680x1050 22" monitors with a 3ms response time in 3D mode, the big question that needs to be answered is the differences.  Find out if one 3D monitor is better in the full review.

"While 3D capabilities have not exactly been in the mainstream yet, some LCD monitors have come into

the market with 3D support, namely, the Samsung 2233RZ and ViewSonic VX2268WM. We take a look at both

LCD monitors on standard and 3d gaming usage to see which will come up on top."

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