24" widescreen LCD that knows a few tricks

Subject: Displays | August 17, 2006 - 01:34 PM |

BFR reviews the Samsung SyncMaster 244T 24" WUXGA LCD.  In addition to the DVI and analog inputs you would expect, it also accepts component, CVSB, and S-Video.  Even more uncommon, this display can do Picture In Picture, and Picture Beside Picture. 

"We at BFR have reviewed quite a few LCD monitor's in our time, all of in various shapes and sizes

ranging from 17" to 23" but today we have a treat. Samsung's 244T is a monster 24" LCD display and we

had it all to ourselves for the past few weeks. The 244T comes packed with features including a 8ms

response time, 500 cd/m^2, and a super high 1000:1 contrast ratio."

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