A real glass tiger; the Cougar Panzer G

Subject: Cases and Cooling | February 5, 2019 - 07:16 PM |
Tagged: tempered glass, Cougar, panzer g, RGB, atx, thin red line

If you lack fingerprints, or are simply in love with cleaning tempered glass then Cougar's Panzer G with glass on the front, sides and top is worth a look.  For cooling it comes with three 120mm RGBearing fans at front, which can be swapped with two 140mm fans or their radiator equivalents, with the same able to fit at the top, along with a rear and bottom 120mm.  Cougar also seems to have grasped the popularity of 2.5" drives as it holds four, compared to two 3.5" bays and the latter can hold the smaller form factor for a total of six 2.5" drives.

Head on over to TechPowerUp for a closer look

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"The Cougar Panzer G is an upgraded version of the original Panzer which combines the benefits of the Panzer-S having additional fans with even more glass panels all around. All that without a crazy big price difference make the Panzer G quite the intriguing choice for those who are fans of understated looks and maybe a more professional work environment."

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Source: TechPowerUp

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February 6, 2019 | 10:51 AM - Posted by Anonymously Anonymous (not verified)

I think the most interesting part of this review is that someone is doing reviews with a GTX 280, haha

February 6, 2019 | 02:10 PM - Posted by Rocky1234 (not verified)

This was almost going to be my next case right up until I looked into it and the spec's and this made me decide to not get it.
"2x Internal 2.5/3.5" I was like WTH I have 4 4TB drives where am I supposed to stuff the other 2 4TB drives am I supposed to just hang them from the side of the case and hope for the best.

This trend of only 2 3.5 drives supported needs to go away. I am still in the market for a new case and it seems the pickings are slim of you want to actually build a big boy system with a fair amount of storage. I had settled on a EvolvX but then read reviews and found the air flow to be not that great so it went off of the list. I have now settled on a Cooler Master Master Case MC500M series the upgraded ones have 4 3.5 drive support and up to 8-10 if you buy the extra brackets. It also has decent air flow and the cost id actually pretty decent as well.

Point is this case here was in the running but air flow restrictions and huge lack of HDD support made it a no go just like 98% of any of the other cases made in 2017-2018 and now 2019. Sad part is I have not really been a fan of Cooler Master cases in the past but when the pickings are so slim you got to get what is going to work for you I guess.

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