The expanding Cosmos; Cooler Master thinks wider, taller, deeper and heavier

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Be warned, the obvious handles on the Cooler Master are there for a reason!  That handy lip on the front of the case is not a handle, it is a spring loaded cover for your peripheral plugs and fan controller and should not be used to pick up the case.  There are 11 card slots at the back of the case, just to give you an idea how big this case really is and in the front are 13 places to stash 3.5" or 2.5" drives.  The official measurements are 27.7" x 13.5" x 26.1" (704 x 344 x 664 mm) so you will have no problems fitting in even the largest of GPU cards.  The Tech Report is a little shocked by the $350 price tag but ended up deciding that the case was worth that much to anyone willing to pay the price.

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"Cooler Master's latest creation is a follow-up to the revered Cosmos line of enthusiast enclosures. We put this super-sized newbie through its paces to see if the Cosmos II is worthy of carrying the torch."

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January 24, 2012 | 06:00 PM - Posted by Swoosh (not verified)

IMO, Coolermaster has overdone this case a bit and sacrificed ease of setup, weight and
added overhead water cooling options which now a days are getting very important since
this case was designed for those PC enthusiast and PC gamers who wants a gaming case
where they can maximize their water cooling options without the expense of good looks
and real estate. Instead, Coolermaster traded it over lusciously designed fan
controllers and lots of messy wires and heavy side panel doors. Based from the reviews
i've read so far, If an enthusiast wanted to set up a nice hi end gaming rig using this
case and plans to use Two long video cards and more than two hard drives and going for a
water cooling he'll gonna end up with a messy setup where most of his time will go into
planning which holes to route all those tricky fan and sensor wires in order not to
intervene the flow of air coming from its cooling fans and routing cables coming from
the PSU and connecting it to the components will add more clutter at the side of the
case and will complicate your wiring scheme even more due to those messy sensor wires
tucked together. Adding to that, routing the water tubing from the water cooling system
he installed and wires coming from the pump and the tube coming from the reservoir
going to the radiator will surely take a lot of time to setup and tons of pulling
and routing wires just to make your setup his gaming rig properly.

NZXT's Switch H810 case can match what the Cosmos II offers and more, by looking at its
features and capabilities and images, instantly you'll noticed NZXT designed the H810
very well (though im not saying Coolermaster didn't with their Cosmos II) BUT, talking
about real estate specially the AWESOME TOP HEAD ROOM (truly great for very hi end
push \ pull fan Water cooling setup) and well thought of wire routing holes to make your
setup much pleasing to the eye without the messy fan and component sensor wires WHICH,
NZXT is not limiting you to add if you're planning to install a much nicer after market
fan controller as compared to what Cosmos II offers AND, its wires can be be easily
routed into Switch H810's wire routing holes without taking too much real estate and
with less intervening with the flow of air coming from its case fans.

If im asked which case i'll buy given the Cosmos II and NZXT's H810 case as the only two
option? I'll choose H810 without a doubt and that's what im planning to do and im saving
a bit now and as soon as H810 is out on our local PC store im gonna buy the black one.

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