Is the Swiftech H240-X AIO watercooler worth the premium price tag?

Subject: Cases and Cooling | February 3, 2015 - 01:51 PM |
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The Swiftech H240-X will be released with an MSRP of $150, $10 more than the smaller H220-X which [H]ard|OCP had a chance to review previously.  This model shares the same same pump and water block as the H220-X but uses a pair of 140mm fans to move heat away from the radiator.  [H]ard|OCP tested the watercooler twice, once with the included fans which are designed for quiet operation as well as a second set designed for more powerful cooling which did give them slightly better performance.  If you prefer peace and quiet the included fans are definitely the way to go, at maximum speed they hit about 41dBA and can operate at lower speeds and noise levels at the cost of increased CPU temperature.  [H]ard|OCP does find the price to be a bit high compared to the competition but as they point out, these two Swiftech kits are the only ones on the market with enough cooling power that you could easily add a GPU into the cooling loop without needing to upgrade your pump or radiator.

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"Swiftech's H240-X is not your typical All-in-One, aka "AIO," CPU cooler. It is also a bit more expensive than your usual AIO. It does however deliver to you a tremendously upgradable equipment set that allows its buyers a economical ramp into a fully custom liquid cooling system for your entire computer."

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Source: [H]ard|OCP

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February 3, 2015 | 03:01 PM - Posted by Ophelos

I don't know who's behind the times here, pcper or hardOCP, since the review of this AIO been out for along time now.

February 3, 2015 | 10:43 PM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

What "premium price tag"? It's much cheaper than buying all of those components separately. PcPer, has you been neglecting your homework again?

February 5, 2015 | 01:01 AM - Posted by Earnest Bunbury

Power efficiency being de rigueur these days and thus being able to run a GPU and a CPU on one 240, do we really need water cooling on these things? I don't, I added a "Teitelman" sized NH-D15 to my Asus Hero VII/z97 i7 4790, which is Intel derived 4.4 turbo by the way, and am running at 62ºC on both CPU and my GPU (MSI 970 4G 'whatever'Frozer) max... MAX! Gimme air or gimme death! Literally, I assume.

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