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Real men learn how to braid too ... as long as it's the cabling from a PSU.  (Female techies, laugh at them if you already know how to do this!)   VIA Arena shows you how to clean up the cabling in your PC once and for all.

"One of the things that still drives me nuts about PCs is cabling. I hate messy cables. I've covered making cables neat several times in

different articles over the years but I recently had a friend ask me how he could neaten up his power supply (PSU) cables. He wanted it to

look professional. He already had a 400 watt PSU that was good quality and he didn't want to have to buy a new one with braided cables. The

solution: braid the cables yourself. Braiding is essentially a material tube that sits over a groups of wires, affixed with shrink wrap at

each end to hold it secure. A PCIe cable has six wires; a Serial ATA (SATA) cable has five wires; and a standard power connector, floppy and

four pin plugs all have four wires. Braided cables make a PC much easier to work on since they bring all of those sets of wires into their

own neat braided sets. Braided cables also look great, so that the rest of your hardware can be shown off with greater advantage."

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Source: VIA Arena

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