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Subject: Cases and Cooling | February 27, 2006 - 12:01 PM |

CoolTechZone has posted the lauch dates of several anxiously awaited nVIDIA products ... the NVIDIA G71, Quad-SLI and NFORCE 5.  Yes, it is official, there will be Quad-SLI, and it will likely be the hottest thing going, better get the watercooling setup ready.

"After a number of debates and speculations, we finally have the launch dates for NVIDIA's

next-gen. product lineup based on the G71 core. According to insiders, the launch is expected to

take place at CeBIT 2006, and the cards will be placed under the 7900 series. We still dont have

much details on the specifications, but NVIDIA told us they will be doing some pretty heavy duty

HD gaming demonstration, which is a new initiative from them. The company, however, declined to

comment on specific titles."

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    Source: CoolTechZone

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