My, what big fans you have!

Subject: Cases and Cooling | July 6, 2006 - 02:08 PM |

The most noticable things on the ICute 0502ULA case are the 140mm fan on the front panel and the 250mm fan on the side.  Head to Overclockers Club to see what effect an enclosed tornado has on running temps.

"Captain, we need MORE power! Hurry men fire up that extra turbine. The latest addition to a large

line of cases from ICute the astutely named 0508ULA Series. While the name may not be very appealing,

the looks are. Looking like something that should have a cockpit and passengers onboard, this case if

defiantly tailored to the aviator inside you. Whether or not you ride, or fly in airplanes; this case

will be your conveyance. ICute while being a new name to most, has been a major manufacture in Asia

since early 1988, and have recently dove into the premod 'scene'. A new style of case from a veteran

manufacture if defiantly bound to be worthwhile, fancy looks, and super cooling, defiantly make this

case a looker."

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