MCW6000 from the inside @ More watercooling

Subject: Cases and Cooling | May 28, 2004 - 06:07 PM |

The folks over at procooling have reviwed the Swiftech MCW6000.  After that, one of their forum members tore one apart to look at the insides.  Have a great weekend.

"The low flow rate performance (0.75GPM and less) of the MCW6000-A is the best I've seen in my testing. At higher flow rates, the MCW6000-A performance flattens out somewhat but remains competitive with the best waterblocks available. For users with 3/8" ID tubing or multiple waterblocks, the MCW6000 is highly recommended. And for the performance-minded, the MCW6000-A can also provide top notch performance in 1/2" loops with high pressure pumps as well."

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