Lian Li's skill in Heavy Armour has increased, they can now equip Ebonsteel cases

Subject: Cases and Cooling | September 1, 2016 - 01:53 PM |
Tagged: Lian Li, Ebonsteel PC K6, mid tower

If you like minimalist cases, the Lian Li Ebonsteel PC K6 is worth taking a peek at.  They relocated the buttons and I/O ports to the top of the case, which also sports a magnetically attached cover hiding 280x140mm mounting point for cooling.  The dimensions of 220x495x515mm give you quite a bit of space, GPUs have 310mm clearance and CPU coolers 170mm.  The HDD bay can accommodate up to seven 2.5/3.5" drives and the body and panels are all made of SECC, giving the case a bit of weight but also ensuring it will survive mimor abuses.  Drop by Modders Inc if the picture below appeals to you.

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"In the PC case arena, Lian Li is known as one of the premier case makers for aluminum cases. As long as I can remember they were the leader and the one I personally hoped to own some day. Their fairly simple but well thought out designs made them popular but the higher price tag was not in reach for …"

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Source: Modders Inc

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September 1, 2016 | 05:11 PM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

"Minor abuses"? Jeremiah, PUH-LEASE!
HAF X (as well as the HAF XM) was almost entirely made of SECC steel, and it literally was an effing TANK when it came down to protection and reliability of construction. Absolutely legendary for all the deserved reasons. The thing weighted at a whopping 14 kilos WHILE being completely empty and out of it's box, not even mentioning when it's fully equipped with hardware to the brim. If Lian Li actually started doing full-blown SECC, this can only be good. Finally, no more cheap-ass subpar-quality and ineptly-thin aluminium sheets Lian loved just-oh-so-much to outright abuse the usage of, in the last 10 or so years.

September 1, 2016 | 05:34 PM - Posted by Jeremy Hellstrom

September 1, 2016 | 06:28 PM - Posted by pdjblum

"Come back here. I can still bite."

Anyway, I guess I am one of the few that still prefers aluminium and wish lian li continued to use it exclusively.

September 2, 2016 | 02:56 PM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

You want QUALITY aluminium case? To the CaseLabs you go, definetely NOT to Lying Lee.

September 2, 2016 | 02:58 PM - Posted by pdjblum

Copy that Master Chen.

September 5, 2016 | 10:18 AM - Posted by Master Chen (not verified)

Jeremiah, it lojs lije you just don't see it as a whole. I'm the rabbit here.

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