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Subject: Cases and Cooling | January 27, 2006 - 12:04 PM |

If you don't want to submit to them, perhaps you should take a peek at Think Computers review of UFO: Aftershock for the PC.  It carries on in the same vein as Aftershock, with updates to gameplay, graphics and it's overall complexity.  While it may not live up to it's distant ancestor, X-Com:UFO Defense, it is certain worth checking out.

'Science Fiction, probably one of the most popular themes of video games, in the past and most

likely in the future as well, combine that with strategy role playing games and you have the

makings of something great. UFO Aftershock is the sequel to UFO Aftermath from Cenega. I have to

be honest I never played Aftermath, but you don't have to in order to play Aftershock. I do enjoy

strategy games and the C&C series is one of my all time favorites, I also enjoy RPG games as well.

Aftershock combines both of those into one great game.'

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