Going for gold in the Case Olympics

Subject: Cases and Cooling | February 24, 2006 - 02:39 PM |

Head to AnandTech to see the clash of the Titans, Tai-Chi versus The Stacker.  See which one comes out on top, and why it was picked as a winner.

"We've looked at products from both of these companies for several years now, and it's apparent

that they both know what they're doing. The last several models of Thermaltake's have had

exceptional capacity for drives, but don't have quite the same "quality of construction" feel that

cases from others like Lian Li tend to have. With their latest, that's all about to change. The

Tai Chi sets a new standard for case construction and "modability", and provides the lucky few who

can afford such a unit a tremendous wealth of configuration choices including wide support for

multiple water cooling loops.

Cooler Master's last several cases, on the other hand, seem to be focused more on the realm of

exuberant venting for the sake of cooling performance, and their latest simply takes this idea and

stretches it to a new level as we're about to see. The Stacker 830 gets rid of all the

difficulties of installing hardware with a vengeance - offering effective tool-less solutions and

a multi-part design that are more numerous than what we've ever seen before."

Here are some more Cases & Cooling reviews from around the web:

SRC="http://www.pcper.com/site_gfx/icon-cooling-small.gif" ALT="Click Here to go to Cases &

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  • Source: AnandTech

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