Full Buffer DIMM's hunger for power

Subject: Cases and Cooling | November 4, 2005 - 11:48 AM |

AMD had something to say about Intel's unpcoming full buffer DIMM's ... they'll need about twice the power of a DDR stick to run.  As many PC owners have found, the more power you put into a component, the more cooling it requires, and with the heat a Prescott throws out already, these blades will be hot.

"Close chip watchers know that Intel and its OEMs plan to support Fully-Buffered DIMMs in 2007.

This memory technology will provide a number of features that should benefit server makers,

including high-performance, the ability to spread memory out on motherboards, lower pin counts and

better overall reliability. AMD, however, wants customers to know there is a power consumption

cost with the technology too.

Marty Seyer, a vice president at AMD, warned that the power consumption issues of FB-DIMMs could

hurt Intel's play in the blade server market, during a Merrill Lynch-hosted conference call with

analysts and reporters. AMD reckons that a standard DDR DIMM needs 5.4 watts, a DDR2 DIMM needs

4.4 watts and a DDR2 FB-DIMM needs 10.4 watts. Pack a few sticks of memory in a server and that

extra load adds up."

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